About Us

Established in 1999 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Gulf Bio Analytical LLC (GBA) today, is a recognized leader in providing comprehensive laboratory solutions to the analytical and life sciences industries in the Middle East, North Africa, India and S.E.Asia. From our headquarters in Dubai and all our regional offices we are able to efficiently serve the growing laboratory clientele in these regions.

We represent world leading scientific and analytical equipment manufacturers and partner with them to provide total, value added and cost-effective services to our esteemed clientele. All our offices are well equipped and adequately staffed to handle end-to-end business functions such as sales, service, logistics, distribution, warehousing, accounts, etc.

Committed to constantly creating excellence, we are successfully forging ahead with the expansion of our services in the analytical and life science industry both quantitatively and geographically.

Our Strengths

• Centre of Excellence in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and Agilent Partner Laboratory in Dubai,UAE.
• Dedicated and knowledgeable sales team which understands the customers’ needs and their business challenges and provides the most optimum and economical solutions.
• Highly experienced and expert team of service specialists at locations close to customers. The product specialists have extensive technical knowledge and experience garnered through intensive trainings at the manufacturing locations of partners worldwide.The service teams are equipped with competencies to conduct Site Acceptance Tests (SAT).
• A dedicated team of application specialists catering to on-site customer requirements, applications, trainings and Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT).
• Complete training facilities with classrooms and laboratories for both theory and practical trainings.
• Agilent Partner Laboratory.
• Turnkey Laboratory Projects Division.


Beginning its journey as an analytical solutions provider with a small team of professionals in 1999 in Dubai, GBA has passed several milestones to employ more than 200 people in its various offices around the Middle East, North Africa and India.

In our first decade, we established operations in all the countries of the Gulf followed by North Africa and India. In 2000, we began to serve clients in Qatar and set up operations there. The following year, we started operations in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. We set up our comprehensive Solutions Centre in Dubai in 2005. In 2007, we expanded our operations into North Africa and India. Our 100th employee joined in 2008. When we were 10 years old in 2009, our installed base in the analytical and life sciences industry crossed 2000 units. From then on we went into a more accelerated growth strategy, which is still continuing.

In 2011 we opened our Solutions Centre in Dammam, KSA and in 2012 we launched in Dubai the first authorized Agilent Partner Laboratory in the Middle East. The setting up of the Agilent Partner Laboratory has augmented our capability of serving more customers all over the region and beyond.