Agilent 5977A GC/MSD upgrade


Your Agilent 5973N GC MSD has been a trusted workhorse in your laboratory for many years.

On Nov. 30, 2013, 7 years after the last model was manufactured, and 14 years after their introduction, Agilent will transition our service offerings for the following Agilent 5973 Series models:








Service for these Agilent 5973 Series GC MSD systems will be provided using Agilent’s Asset Maximization offerings. These offerings provide labor and preventive maintenance coverage delivered by the same experts to whom you have become accustomed. Repair parts are provided on a ‘commercially reasonable effort’ basis due to supplier issues common with older technology products. We anticipate our current repair parts supply to last at least through 2014, giving you approximately 4 more months to plan your transition to a newer Agilent instrument.

We encourage you to plan now for a smooth transition to the next-generation GC MSD technology, including uninterrupted Agilent service and support. Contact our field sales staff for a special offer and for more information by filling in the form below.Please provide the exact nature of information you are looking in the comments section so that we can get it across fast.

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