Agilent Guide for Chromatographic Methods for Food Testing

1400+ pages of the latest application notes and methods

Agilent Solutions for Food Analysis & Testing

With the globalization of the food chain, protecting both the consumer and your brand becomes more demanding. Today, the food and agriculture industry faces ever-increasing demands for more sensitive, productive analytical solutions. You are committed to providing food, produce and beverages of consistent quality and uncompromising safety. Agilent is committed to developing end to end workflow analysis solutions to help laboratories validate quality, safety, and authenticity of food products in order to safeguard the global food chain.

Agilent’s Food Testing Compendium

This compendium is a complete collection of Agilent application notes and productivity tools for food testing. The testing areas covered by this compendium include dietary supplements, food authenticity, food processing, testing for pesticide, mycotoxins, trace metals and veterinary drugs among others. Sample preparation methods are provided in each application note as applicable. The analytical methods include all types of liquid and gas chromatographic/mass spectrometric techniques commonly used for food testing. The samples covered include cereal, coffee, fruits, fish, grains, meat, milk, milk powder, nuts, spices, tea, vegetables etc.

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