Agilent Guide for Chromatography Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation: The Key to Successful Chromatographic Techniques

Since most samples encountered in a chromatography laboratory are not in a form to be directly placed into the analytical instrument, some form of preparation is required for nearly every sample. Although sample preparation is an important part of this analytical cycle, it doesn’t always get the respect as does the separation and measurement instrumentation and the data handling aspects. Oftentimes, the task of sample preparation employs decades old technology that is often manual, time-consuming and uses a lot of glassware and other devices.

Agilent Handbook for Sample Preparation Fundamentals

The purpose of this book is to outline some of the most popular sample preparation technologies in current use today. This 364 page book is primarily designed for the chromatography laboratory and provides comprehensive coverage of organic and biological sample preparation techniques. Topics covered include sample preparation methods applicable to gases, liquids, suspensions, gels and solid materials. Special topics such as sample prep for mass spectrometry, membrane applications, chemical scavengers and deritivizations.

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