Agilent’s 5110: Fastest ICP-OES Using 50% Less Argon

Agilent’s 5110: Fastest ICP-OES Using 50% Less Argon

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Trace Metal Analysis in Water

Waste water may be contaminated by industrial processes or improper waste disposal. Harmful or toxic chemicals entering waste water supplies may cause significant damage to plants and animals, even when present in trace level amounts, and their effective monitoring is a growing concern for today’s organizations. Explore how Agilent’s 5110 ICP-OES can help you detect trace metal contaminants with confidence.

Quantitative Analysis of Metals in Soil

Successful quantitation of contamination requires detection in complex sample extracts. Agilent’s 5110 ICP-OES – provides analysts with a powerful, fast and cost effective tool that facilitates quantitative analysis of metals in soil.

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The applications notes provided below detail how the Agilent 5110 ICP-OES can help you analyze trace metal in soil, water, oil samples etc.

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