Exquisitely Sensitive, real-time PCR based Pork DNA Detection Assay – GeneSTAT® from DxNA

Pork DNA Detection Assay – GeneSTAT® from DxNA

Anywhere, Anytime by Anyone

The HaFYS assay on the GeneSTAT provides testing “Anywhere, Anytime by Anyone” for identification of pork-DNA in products for determination, monitoring and surveillance of halal purity relative to adulteration or contamination of halal products with pork.

The combination of this highly accurate assay along with the portability and ease of use of the GeneSTAT System will provide the potential for assuring the purity of products that are marked as halal at the manufacturer, the retailer or in restaurants, without the need to send samples to a laboratory or have a highly trained laboratory technician performing the test.
GeneSTAT Test Cartridge | DxNA

The GeneSTAT® Platform: Democratizing Molecular Testing

DxNA LLC has developed a low throughput patented and novel Real-Time PCR system that brings the benefits of molecular testing technology to underserved mid-sized to small laboratories that need a simple-to-use, inexpensive platform for molecular testing using real-time PCR.

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