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We at Hydrocarbon Solutions India (Pvt.) Limited (HSL) can provide you comprehensive solutions specifically customized for your analytical and sample preparation needs for food safety and testing. We are exclusive partners for global technology leaders in the analytical space such as: Markes International, LCTech GmbH, JSB International etc. to provide customized and the most optimal end-to-end solution for your particular food safety and testing needs.

About this Food Analysis Application Compendium…

This application compendium (29MB file, 190 pages) on food, flavor and fragrance sample preparation, discusses different approaches to sample preparation and handling. This includes manual, automatic and robotic modes of sample handling, as well as detection using GC, HPLC, 2D chromatography etc. We are confident that this set of application notes covers a wide enough variety of topics that you will find some useful information here to help address the challenges you face every day in your food safety analysis.
Some of the sample types discussed here include: milk, milk powder, nuts, spices, food grains (rice, wheat), cereal, beer, cacao beans, coffee, meat, tablets, raisins, wine, olive oil etc. The application notes provide information on sample preparation and analytical methods for the following contaminants/analytes: Aflatoxin, Vitamins, Ergot Alkaloids, PAH, phenolics, VOCs etc.

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