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Factory-configured and tested GC and GC/MS Analyzers let you start your analysis on day one

Bringing an application online can stretch your lab to the limit – particularly when your resources are not up to full strength. GBA and Agilent solve this problem with our extensive portfolio of pre-tested, pre-configured analyzers designed especially for energy and chemical applications such as refinery gas, natural gas, TOGA, standard and alternative fuels.

 Analyzer family... Configured per these industry standards

Agilent HPI Application Compendium-Complete the Form for FREE Download!!

The 1200+ page compendium provides the latest application methods and information for chromatographic and spectroscopic analysis of crude oil & natural gas; refinery gas; refining (kersone/ jet fuel/diesel/ heavy oils/ wax); chemical & speciality gas (ethylene/ propylene/ light hydrocarbons/ fixed gas/ additives/ polymer/ aromatics/ solvents) and alternative fuels.

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