Blood Bi-Directional SPE for Drug Analysis with LC Tech FREESTYLE


162 Standard Drugs/Pharmaceuticals and 64 New Synthetic Drugs Recovered from 0.5 ml Blood Sample !

Dr. Oya Yeter and his team at the Dept. of Chemistry, Ministry of Justice, Council of Forensic Medicine, Istanbul have developed an automated method that uses the bi-directional SPE (BD-SPE) to process either difficult matrices (blood) or to completely exclude the likelihood of cross-contamination from the very beginning of the analysis.
This method which was developed using the LCTech FreeStyle for sample preparation and the Agilent 1290 UPLC + Agilent 6460 Triple Quad LC/MS. The authors demonstrate the quantitative recovery of 162 standard drugs and 64 new synthetic drugs

LCTech’s FREESTYLE SPE System – For Automated Sample Preparation

The FREESTYLE SPE has unique possibilities for sample preparation using solid phase extraction (SPE). Each manual SPE method which has already proven of value in the laboratory can be automated in a quick and easy manner. The application fields are wide: from mycotoxin and environmental analysis up to forensic applications and samples of doping control.

Agilent’s 1290 UPLC and 6460 Triple Quad LC-MS/MS

Agilent’s 1290 UPLC and 6460 Triple Quad LC-MS/MS
Agilent’s 1290 UPLC and 6460 Triple Quad enable highly sensitive quantification using MRM. The new Jetstream electrospray source and an atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) source allows maximum flexibility in monitoring a range of molecules.

Download the Blood Bi-Directional SPE Application Note for Drug Analysis