Reduced Analysis Time for Aromatics, Olefin, Oxygenates| Reformulyzer M4 from PAC

2X Sample Capacity and Revenue by Reducing Analysis Time to 39 Minutes



Multidimensional Group Type, Aromatics, Olefin, Oxygenates, Gasoline Characterization

The M4’s most significant advancement is its reduced analysis time. Other group type analysis instruments take 75 minutes to run. The M4 reduces this by approximately 50% to 39 minutes. Faster group type analysis allows for refineries to make important decisions quickly to ensure the end product produced is on spec. In addition, independent laboratories are able to almost double their sample capacity and therefore their revenue.

In addition to increasing revenue, the M4 can reduce analysis costs. Its advanced technology significantly reduces maintenance and system down-time. When combined with the improved sample capacity, the total operational cost per sample is reduced by 50%.

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