Parts & Maintenance

Analytical Solutions

Our state-of-the-art Centres of Excellence in Dubai & Dammam are equipped with facilities for sample extraction, preparation, testing and analysis of results. It is run by a team of professionals who can set up the most recent applications and conduct scheduled trainings.

Our Centres in Dubai (U.A.E.) and Dammam (K.S.A) are fully equipped to:
• Facilitate pre-sales demonstrations of instrumentation and applications
• Demonstrate to customers the guaranteed solutions from the manufacturer as a factory acceptance test (FAT)
• Reproduce the results at the customers’ premises as a site acceptance test (SAT)
• Deliver facilities for calibration, documentation and accreditation as per customers’ requirements
• Conduct customer trainings – both short and long duration training programmes

We offer the above services to our customers in all the countries we are present and those afar if necessary. Our Centres of Excellence have the proven ability to create solutions focussed on meeting the specific needs of industry segments like Hydrocarbon Processing, Forensics, Biotechnology, Academic Research, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Environment, Material Science etc.

Turnkey Laboratory Projects

GBA Project Management team of professionals are specialized in delivering turnkey laboratory projects. The team which consists of more than 12 professionals can provide complete laboratories – right from conceptual design to execution at site followed by after sales support and warranty.

The project team is wholly involved in

• Analyzing the requirements of the laboratory
• Procuring equipment and other deliverables
• Design and installation of mechanical and electrical utilities
• Furniture, fume hoods, etc
• Equipment and instruments within the laboratory
• Delivery to site
• Installation and commissioning
• User trainings

With its in-depth and varied experience in executing projects in diverse industry sectors such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Food Testing and Forensic labs, the Turnkey Laboratory Projects team can also offer upgrade and renovation services for existing laboratories or purchase of only equipment on a lump sum basis.

Multi Vendor Services

With its extensive experience in chromatography and spectroscopy, GBA is able to provide multi vendor services consisting of comprehensive repair and maintenance of all laboratory equipment regardless of the manufacturer. This means that we can upkeep and update any laboratory and its instruments whether they are products of our partner brands or others.

Our Product Support team of Engineers are all highly experienced in the operation, repair and maintenance of laboratory equipment manufactured by the leading OEMs of the analytical and life sciences industry. When you entrust us with the maintenance of all the instruments and equipment in your laboratory, you can rest assured that we will give you service that will not only improve your laboratory and company’s operational efficiency but also deliver guaranteed savings on total service costs.

Furthermore our multi vendor services also include safe and effective relocation and moving of instruments and equipment to a new laboratory site so that you can be totally worry free and establish operations there immediately and efficiently.

Agilent Partner Laboratory

Agilent Technologies, USA, in partnership with Gulf Bio Analytical has established in Dubai the Agilent Partner Laboratory, the first of its kind in the Middle East.

Our Agilent Partner Laboratory is fully equipped and qualified to offer a wide range of analytical solutions that meet your specific analytical requirements. Located centrally and conveniently in Dubai, UAE, the laboratory enables GBA to meet the ever increasing analytical challenges and demands of the current market. These include analysis of trace contaminants in the environment, determining authenticity or quality of food items and medicines, helping the industry meet the world’s increasing need for energy, and so much more!

If you are involved in the measurement of any organic and inorganic materials, the Agilent Partner Laboratory is just what you need. Here we can provide you with the right workflow solutions, instruments, accessories, consumables, and services specifically designed to meet your needs.

Quickly and accurately, we can create, analyze and demonstrate the analytical solutions you need more reliably, efficiently, and with better quality results than ever before. These results when combined with our informatics architecture, can manage large quantities of data while preserving their integrity and security and further enhancing your productivity manifold.

The Agilent Partner Laboratory is equipped with the latest models of Agilent instruments for chemical analysis including GC analyzers, GC-MS-MS, LC-MS-MS, GPC, FTIR, Sample Prep Work Bench, ICP- OES, MP-AES, OpenLAB-CDS, etc.

Manned expertly by the GBA Product Support Group (PSG) comprising of qualified analysts and chemists, who have several decades of combined expertise, the laboratory regularly facilitates

• Development of application solutions
• Product demonstrations
• Customer workshops
• Trainings

Our highly experienced trainers with excellent theory and practical knowledge provide application specific training that imparts knowledge of theory and practice as well as enhances the understanding of the instruments’ uses and its operations. The product training courses typically consist of theory of operation, installation, routine maintenance, method development, calibration and trouble shooting. Customers also receive tailor-made trainings either at GBA or at their own premises.

The instruments in the Agilent Partner Laboratory are all operational and can be programmed to simulate customers’ labs and situations. In addition, smart tools such as simulators, as well as audio video capability and Internet LAN connectivity, etc. add depth and value to the training they receive.