Multi-Vendor Support Services (MVS)

multi-vendor support services for your laboratory

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Comprehensive Service and Support by Certified Experts for laboratory instruments and equipment from all Leading Manufacturers


Purchasing and accessing support services across multiple Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) is a cumbersome process that provides an inconsistent support experience across your various devices—from pricing to availability of service across geographies—and requires multiple support numbers.

With its extensive experience in various high-end laboratory equipment in the field of chromatography, spectroscopy, wet chemistry and material science, Gulf Bio Analytical is able to provide multi-vendor services consisting of comprehensive repair and maintenance of all laboratory equipment regardless of the manufacturer.

Our Product Support team of Engineers are all highly experienced in the operation, repair and maintenance of laboratory equipment manufactured by the leading OEMs of the analytical and life sciences industry. This means that we can upkeep and update any laboratory and its instruments whether they are products of our partner brands or others.

Furthermore, our multi vendor services also include safe and effective relocation and re-installation of instruments/equipment to a new laboratory site.
Gulf Bio Analytical Multi-Vendor-Service Support for Agilent systems versus Other Programs comparison chart

Take Advantage of our Proven Service and Support Plans for all Instruments, Equipment and Laboratory Supplies, Regardless of the Vendor

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