Trace Metal Analysis in Food Samples

ETHOS UP High performance  microwave digestion system.

ETHOS UP : Safe, Easy-to-Use, Highest Power


The ETHOS UP is suitable for both microwave acid digestion and microwave solvent extraction in the same microwave platform.

Equipped with two 950 Watt magnetrons for a total of 1900 Watt it is the most powerful microwave digestion system available for sample preparation.

  • Safe – Pressure sensitive door with self-resealing mechanism
  • Highest Productivity – Multiple configuration SK-15 high pressure and MAXI-44 high throughput rotors available
  • Easy-to-Use – Easy-to-read, bright, full-color, touchscreen user interface
  • Highest Power – Equipped with 2X 950 Watt magnetrons for a total of 1900 Watts
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