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The Only Agilent Authorized Partner Laboratory in GCC at Gulf Bio Analytical, Dubai, UAE


Agilent Technologies, USA, in partnership with Gulf Bio Analytical has established in Dubai the Agilent Authorized Partner Laboratory, the first of its kind in the GCC.

If you are involved in the measurement of any organic and inorganic materials, the Agilent Partner Laboratory is just what you need.

Located centrally and conveniently in Dubai, UAE, the laboratory enables Gulf Bio Analytical to meet the ever increasing analytical challenges and demands of the current market.

These include analysis of trace contaminants in the environment, determining authenticity or quality of food items and medicines, helping the industry meet the world’s increasing need for energy, and so much more!

Our laboratory offers a wide range of analytical solutions that meet your specific analytical requirements. Quickly and accurately, we can create, analyze and demonstrate the analytical solutions you need more reliably, efficiently, and with better quality results than ever before.

The Agilent Authorized Partner Laboratory is equipped with the latest models of Agilent instruments for chemical analysis. These range from GC analyzers, GC-MS-MS, UHPLC, LC-MS-MS, GPC, FTIR, Sample Prep Work Bench, ICP- OES, MP-AES, OpenLAB-CDS, etc.

Gulf Bio Analytical Training Programs

Our highly experienced instructors train Agilent customers from all over the region at our Agilent Authorized Partner Laboratory. They provide application specific training that imparts knowledge of theory and encourages the practical use of instruments and its operations.
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These instruments can be programmed to simulate customers’ labs and situations. In addition, smart tools such as simulators, as well as AV capability, internet, LAN connectivity, etc. add depth and value to the training we provide.

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The Only Agilent Authorized Partner Laboratory in GCC at Gulf Bio Analytical, Dubai, UAE