Powerhouse in the era of mass spectrometry – The New Agilent ULTIVO Triple Quad LC/MS

Agilent ULTIVO Triple Quad LC/MS

Ultivo Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer


Decades of innovation have brought us into a new era of mass spectrometry with the design of Agilent’s revolutionary Triple Quadrupole LC/MS. Ultivo is packed full of the same power and accuracy you’ll find in the big guys but at a fraction of the size. It’s on a transformative mission to reshape expectations, reinvent capabilities, and redefine what’s possible when small meets powerful.

Maximize Laboratory Real Estate

The footprint of Ultivo LC/TQ is 70% smaller than that of similar LC/TQs with all of the power of the big guys. You can triple your lab’s capacity in the same space.

Triad Technologies (Tt)

Ultivo presents a transformative approach to LC/TQ and is the newest member of the Agilent Triple Quadrupole family. At the core of Ultivo lies Triad Technologies (Tt) – Vortex Collision Cell, Cyclone Ion Guide, and VacShield.
New Agilent ULTIVO Triple Quad LC/MS

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