25-OH D2 and 25-OH D3 Testing in Serum by LC/MS

Vitamin D Deficiency in the Middle East

Despite the abundance of sunshine in the Middle East allowing vitamin D synthesis all year round, the region registers some of the lowest levels of vitamin D and the highest rates of hypovitaminosis D worldwide. This major public health problem affects individuals across all life stages, especially pregnant women, neonates, infants, children and the elderly.

Rapid Testing for Vitamin D in Serum: From Sample Preparation to Data Analysis

LC/MS assays have gained acceptance over the last few years, as the method of choice due to its ability to reliably quantify both Vitamin D forms. The Agilent Triple Quadrupole LC/MS system with a multi-mode (MMI) source in ESI-APCI mode provides rapid, sensitive and accurate determination of total Vitamin D in serum.

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