Enhance the Productivity of your GC

We can help you dramatically lower cost per sample!

45% of the lab managers surveyed indicate that they face significant pressure to process more samples. Meeting ever increasing need for speed to results, regulatory requirements, efficiency improvements dictated by downward price pressure impose tough demands on your lab productivity.

We bring you proven solutions configured to quickly obtain results and reduce costs by:

  • Reducing analysis time
  • Reducing the time spent on re-running sample analysis due to improper instrument supplies
  • Saving on ever increasing cost of (carrier) gases (Helium)
  • Replacement of Gas Bottle supplies
Agilent 8890 GC
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Reducing Analysis Time

There are many choices available to reduce analysis time by almost 1/3rd, starting from …

  • Reducing column ID
  • Shifting carrier gas to H2
  • Column back-flush using CFT device
  • New technology direct heating columns – LTM, Planar
GC Productivity

Minimize re-running your samples

Analyzing trace reactive compounds is always a challenge we face routinely, requires re-runs and sensitivity keeps falling after few analysis. Now the solution is at hand, to use new technology Ultra Inert GC supplies. Ultra Inert (UI) is Agilent’s unique proprietary chemical vapor deposition technology, engineered over last few decades.

GC Productivity

Saving on ever increasing cost of carrier gases

As we all are aware, Helium is a naturally occurring gas which can’t be manufactured. With the limited resources (mainly USA, Qatar) which are fast depleting with ever increasing demand, the use of an alternative carrier gas is very much desired.

Hydrogen, when used with safety precautions, is the best carrier alternative carrier gas to replace Helium. With the advancement of instrumentation, H2 can be generated using small scale, table-top, energy efficient generators.

GC Productivity

Replacement of Gas Bottle supplies

Compressed gas cylinders are being used for decades all across the world & laboratories. Procurement & quality issues are perennially ingrained while using these cylinders. With the advancement of technology, very reliable & maintenance free Gas Generators are available for various gases like - N2, H2, Air.

H2 Generator
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