Online Factory Acceptance Tests (eFAT)

GBA Group has invested in extending analyzer testing infrastructure to support our customers for performing online Factory Acceptance Test (eFAT) remotely, with the one recently completed successfully in the largest private sector Refinery and Petrochemical company in India.

eFAT eliminates the need to physically travel to our dedicated analyzer testing laboratory and training facilities.

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How eFAT works?

While our testing and demo labs were already running on the latest Agilent OpenLab CDS 2.x software, allowing remote connectivity to the GCs, remotely monitoring the analysis, the addition of several video teleconference systems inside the lab and training rooms, allowed for the successful completion of GBA eFAT.

With the use of these technologies, our dedicated Analyzer Team was able to demonstrate the performance of the customers' analyzers. Customers were able to witness their sample analysis in real-time from their respective states/countries.

Demonstration, explanation, requests and consultation were all smoothly addressed online.

The GBA Infrastructure support different packages for remote connectivity, like Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, or the GoToMeeting platforms, complying to strict IT safety protocols.

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