Peak Scientific

Peak Scientific is a leading innovator in the design, manufacture and support of high-performance gas generators for analytical laboratories. Established in the UK in 1997 near Glasgow (Scotland), Peak Scientific boasts a significant local presence on every continent - including major operations in North America, China and India.

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Highlight of the Product Offering

Nitrogen Gas Generator


  • Safe and convenient laboratory-grade nitrogen
  • Proven, robust and reliable technology
  • Highly economical source of nitrogen gas with low running costs
  • Standalone solution - no need for an external compressed air supply
  • Latest generation of compressors, in an insulated chamber to reduce noise and vibration
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Hydrogen Gas Generator


  • 99.9995% purity (standard) / 99.9999% purity (trace model)
  • Suitable for GC detector gas (all) and carrier gas (trace model only)
  • Creates hydrogen on demand, minimal storage of hydrogen in the system
  • Low maintenance and minimal running costs over product lifetime
  • Internal leak detection with automatic shutdown
  • Automatic loading pump as standard
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Zero Air Gas Generator


  • Hydrocarbon content <0.05ppm for market-leading purity
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Precision units
  • Minimum lifetime maintenance requirements, no expensive catalyst chamber replacements
  • Highly economical source of dry, hydrocarbon free air
  • Avoid risk of contaminants entering the system (when switching out empty cylinders)
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