Asset Management

We provide the following services in Asset Management.

Highlight of the Offering

  • Inventory management to automate the utilization and reordering - Track asset inventory and events in real-time via portal and trigger the reordering once the set threshold limit are met and Proactive monitoring and management of service providers​
  • Monitoring and assessment of service Performance Measurement Reporting - Detailed information how services are being performed, whether service levels are being met, and what costs are being incurred, visibility into all aspects of service delivery.​
  • Scheduling and notification for the maintenance - Log new service requests​, Schedule routine services such as preventive maintenance and qualification​, View service history reports and spend at the instrument, lab, and site levels​
  • Detailed service metrics - service providers performance with comparisons against contracted service level expectations​
  • Compliance data (where applicable) to ensure all regulatory requirements are met
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