Explore Productive, Efficient & Reliable Titration Solutions

18 October, 2021


  • Are you evaluating your daily operations and want to decide what improvements can make in your lab?
  • Do you consume time more time in Electrode care, Sample Preparation, data handling, etc...?
  • Looking for a Titration system, which can provide faster results, Improved Accuracy, and compliance to various regulatory norms?

Seahorse XF Analyzer - Integrated End-to-End platform for Life Sciences - Cell Analysis Research

13 October, 2021

In this webinar the speaker will discuss about the SeaHorse technology & Life Sciences -Cell Analysis Research. 

LNI Gas Solutions for Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Zero Air Generators

06 October, 2021

Key Learnings

  • LNI Gas Solution for analytical, industrial, environmental applications
  • A green solution for superior Analytical performance
  • Nitrogen, hydrogen, and zero air generators

Identify Organic Levels in UPW to Utility and Waste Water

28 September, 2021

This webcast will outline the importance of tracking carbon levels across a plant, from source water to utility water, and finally to wastewater. The ability to obtain carbon data with an online or laboratory TOC analyzer is crucial to understanding the effectiveness of a plant’s treatment process and identifying process impurities.

Meeting Your Mercury Compliance and Applications

27 September, 2021

Nippon Instruments Corporation – World’s most trusted Mercury Analyzers solutions provider for your range of matrices and applications.

Enhancing Lab productivity with Automation

22 September, 2021

Key Learnings

  • Continuous flow analyzer & Discrete analyzer and its application.
  • Robotic analyzer for flexible automation solution in a variety of applications
  • TOC/TN analyzer for liquid and solid samples.

Explore Different Innovative Techniques from TA Instruments

21 September, 2021


  • Are you struggling with R&D and QC processes for your polymer production and product development?
  • Do you need simple and powerful tools to better characterize your materials?
  • Do you want to know more about the end-use performance, composition, processing, stability, and molecular structure of your petrochemical products?
  • Are you curious to know how Rheology and Mechanical characterization can improve the quality of your products and help your researchers?

Determination of the critical elements in food accordance to USFDA EAM 4.7 by using Microwave Digestion and ICPMS

20 September, 2021

Agenda of the Webinar

  1. Introduction to Agilent New ICPMS 7850.
  2. ICPMS Method development according to EAM 4.7.
  3. Introduction to Sample preparation technique.
  4. Tips and Tricks for successful sample preparation according to EAM 4.7

LNI Gas Solutions for GC, GCMS and Superior Analytical Performance

15 September, 2021

Key Learnings

  • LNI Innovative Solution for GC, GCMS users
  • A Hydrogen Gas Generator is a green solution
  • Special Sensors for optimizing Analytical performance
  • Question and Answer Session

Application of Liquid Chromatography in Hydrocarbon Processing Industry

01 September, 2021

Key Learnings

  • HPLC solution and configuration
  • Regulatory methods used in HPI
  • Special solution for accommodating multiple methods
  • Question and Answer Session

Learn How Powder XRD became so compact and extremely powerful

30 August, 2021

Agenda of the Webinar

  • Product presentation with key features
  • Application details
  • Question and Answer Session

Innovation In Cold Flow Fuel Analysis Increase your productivity while saving money

16 August, 2021

Key Learnings

  • Learn about Phase Technology’s fully automatic analyzer solutions
  • Understand Phase’s proprietary ASTM test methods
  • See how Phase analyzer solutions works
  • Find out how Phase “Intellinsotics” can help resolve test issues

Fast, Reliable GC Analysis In or Out of Your Laboratory

05 August, 2021

Key Learnings:

  • How to bring the system to the sample
  • Enhanced Usability
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • New applications will be discussed and the updated applications list will be presented.

Learn about 3D Xray Microscopy (micro-CT) technique and applications in Materials and Life Sciences

13 July, 2021

Key Learnings:

  • Basics of XRM
  • How XRM could support todays R&D and QC in different fields
  • Applications
  • Question & Answer Session

Learn how to improve accuracy & throughput for elemental analysis in Lubricant oil by ICPOES

23 June, 2021


  • Product presentation with key features.
  • Application details for Lube oil industries.
  • Practical guidelines on how to set up the correct method by using existing hardware and software features.

Advanced GPC - A practical approach for determining polymer molecular weight, size, and shape

15 June, 2021

Key Learnings

  • Difference between conventional and advance GPC
  • Theory and working principle of advanced GPC detector- Viscometer and light scattering
  • Why and when do we use high temperature GPC

Robust, Affordable multi Dimensional GC Solutions for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) Analysis

07 June, 2021
Our ‘TPH’ product package allows thorough characterisation of both aliphatic and aromatic components in a single run, without the need for sample fractionation.

Optimize your Refinery Processes – from Crude Oil to Final Automotive Fuels and Lubricants

01 June, 2021

Key Learnings:

  • Why EDXRF for low sulfur and other elements.
  • EDXRF solution for different phases of QA/QC.
  • Why EDXRF is critical for today's challenging refinery process.

Transformer Oil Gas Analysis Virtual Capacity Development

25 May, 2021

In this exclusive virtual event, we will discuss the latest analytical techniques, instrumentation and applications that GBA Group offers on TOGA analysis

Practical Guidelines to setup successful methods on ICPMS based on different applications

05 May, 2021

Outline of the webinar:

  • Product presentation with key features.
  • Live Demo on 7850 and Masshunter 5.1
  • Practical guide line how to setting up the correct method by using existing hardware and software features.
  • Questions and Answers

Practical Guidelines on Sample Preparation for Elemental Analysis on Microwave Digestion

19 April, 2021

Outline of the Webinar

  • How to Segregate the sample types.
  • What should be the sample weight?
  • What Acid needs to be chosen?
  • What should be the appropriate Temperature?

Today's Cement Process and Solution to analytical challenges by XRAY Technique

30 March, 2021

Outline of the Webinar

  • Why XRAY Technique for Cement QA/QC
  • XRF solution for different phase of QA/QC
  • Why XRD is crtical for today challenging cement production
  • XRF/XRD Dedicated Cement Solution offered by Bruker
  • Question and Answer Session

Metrohm Electrochemical Solutions for Corrosion Research & Studies

23 March, 2021

The webinar will cover instruments, accessories and consumables used in corrosion research offered by Metrohm and their applications in corrosion research according to different test methods.

Gas Generator and Safety Cabinets for Lab Protection

18 March, 2021

Outline of The Webinar:

  • Introduction LNI Swissgas
  • Why Gas generator is better than Cylinder
  • Ranges of Gas generator from LNI
  • Yakos 65 offering on Flammable safety cabinet

FT-NMR indispensable Tool for Today’s Modern age Laboratories

09 March, 2021

Outline of the webinar:

  • What value NMR brings to the Lab?
  • Role of NMR in Global hot topic of research
  • Bruker NMR latest developments (hardware)
  • Cryoprobe.What difference it makes - Value addition to the existing system
  • What is new in Solid State NMR
  • Bruker NMR Software’s (some unique) Tools /Application perspective
  • Question and Answer Session

Why and When Molecular Spectroscopy is Right Answer to your Applications

16 February, 2021

Agenda Of the Webinar:

  • Basics of molecular spectroscopy.
  • Why Molecular Spectroscopy.
  • How to select the right tool based on applications.
  • Agilent Molecular spectroscopy product portfolio.
  • New Products.
  • Questions and Answers Session

Introducing PAC New ElemeNtS: Total Elemental Combustion Analyzer

15 February, 2021

Outline of the Webinar:

  • Instrument introduction
  • ElemeNtS features
  • Applications
  • Live demo

Prepare your Food sample using Agilent QuEChERS for GCMS/LCMS Analysis

10 February, 2021

The webinar outlines the QuEChERS method (quick, easy, cheap, effective, rugged, safe) from Agilent and SPE system from LabTech

Increase your Lab Productivity by Making Chemical Analysis Easy

09 February, 2021

Watch this webinar to know more about what gives scientists the capability to determine purity, quantify unknowns, qualify products, investigate, improve development and more in a simple, fast and more economical way that is transforming the industry.

Agilent New ICPMS 7850 - The most efficient and easy to use platform in the market

26 January, 2021

Outline of the webinar

  • Product presentation with key features
  • Live Demo on 7850 and Masshunter 5.1
  • Questions and Answers

Tips and Tricks to Achieve High Confidence from Sample Preparation to XRF Analysis

13 January, 2021

Highlights of the Webinar:

  • Presentation on ranges key points to prepare samples
  • Live demonstration on how to use the Katanax Spex Electric Fluxer
  • Presentation on the key features and range of Bruker XRF products

Live Webinar and Demonstration "Extraction made easy for demanding matrices"

15 December, 2020

Key learning points:

  • Challenges that we face in sample extractions with traditional techniques.
  • What is microwave-assisted extraction and why it is efficient?
  • Milestone's solutions, industry-wise, and the possible hardware configurations.
  • Milestone's commitment towards customer satisfaction with lifetime support availability.

Strategies for Thermal and Rheological/Mechanical Characterization of Polymers and Petrochemical products

08 December, 2020

Explore different innovative techniques from TA Instruments useful for plastics, thermoplastic polymers, resins, paints, rubbers, insulating materials, thermal properties, rheology, mechanical properties and processing.

Learn how to Brew your own Liquid Nitrogen

02 December, 2020

In the webinar, we along with our partner LabTech will demonstrate how you can brew your own Liquid Nitrogen anywhere anytime.

Live Demo on ICPMS and Microwave Digestion Tips and Tricks

25 November, 2020

The webinar will provide tips and tricks to achieve the best detection limit which always each lab expects from their instrumentation.

    Explore Productive, Efficient & Reliable Titration Solutions

    23 November, 2020

    Explore different Innovative Titration solutions available from Metrohm, which are Efficient, increase Productivity, Safe and reliable at every Laboratory.

    Importance of Ultra-Pure Water for Analytical Applications

    11 November, 2020

    The Webinar focuses on the use of purified water in analytical work, including examples of the effects of inadequate water and the priorities for purity. 

    Micro Plastics - Ubiquitous problem with a simple analytical approach

    19 October, 2020

    Key Learnings:

    • TD as a technique
    • Sampling procedures for water
    • Markes offerings for TD automation and its usage for microplastics analysis
    • Qualitative and quantitative approach and its significance to find out the source of plastics to control the contamination

    Webinar and a Live Demo on completely new platform of ICPOES 5800/5900

    13 October, 2020

    The webinar with a Live Demonstration outlines how the new ICPOES 5800/5900 has redefined the elemental analysis.

    Understand organic contaminations in challenging water processes with online and laboratory TOC analysis

    12 October, 2020

    This webcast will outline the importance of tracking carbon levels across a plant, from source water to utility water, and finally to wastewater. 

    TD-NMR and EPR Technologies for QA/QC/ R&D in Polymer and Petroleum Industries

    30 September, 2020

    Key Learnings:

    • Introduction of TD-NMR and EPR as powerful techniques for polymer and petroleum QA/QC and R&D
    • How the solutions developed by Bruker address the increasing needs of these industries, and why it is so critical for QA/QC and R&D

    Comprehensive GCxGC for complex analysis made Simple

    28 September, 2020

    Talking Points:

    • Guaranteed Solutions and the Values they bring to your Lab
    • What Is GCxGC
    • Why GCxGC 
    • Examples of applications

    Efficient LC Purification Solutions for Analytical to Preparative Scale

    21 September, 2020

    Talking Points:

    • Perform analytical scouting and preparative purification in a single system
    • Add automated sample dilution
    • Fraction mixing and re analysis to the purification workflow
    • Increase resolution with software aided scale up calculations 

    The Answer to Many Calls - Sample Preparation Automation by Gerstel

    07 September, 2020

    What will you learn:

    Product introduction that will allow us to know more about:

    • Easiest and most effective sample prep technique for water-wastewater analysis that uses the twister technology
    • Gerstel's proven pyrolysis automation
    • Microplastics analysis automation 

    Basics of Single Crystal XRD and Applications

    01 September, 2020

    Key Learning:

    • Basics of Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (SCXRD)
    • What can SCXRD do for me Latest developments in SCXRD ( Source and Detector technology)
    • Key Applications in Both Chemical and Biological SCXRD

    Pesticides Analysis: Spotlight on SANTE Regulatory Guidelines

    10 August, 2020

    Talking Points:

    • A complete solution provider for pesticides analysis
      • The hardware capabilities
      • Ease of method setup with the help of database
      • Sample preparation ease with Agilent QuEChERS kits
      • Data Analysis and reporting using Mass Hunter
      • Effectiveness of Mass Hunter in meeting SANTE guidelines

    Total Sulfur and Total Nitrogen Analyzer – PAC ElemeNtS

    05 August, 2020

    Talking Points:

    • Measuring Principles
    • ElemeNtS hardware overview
    • Software features
    • Application Specific Configurations
    • Live Demo

    FT-NMR/TD-NMR Spectrometer - A Step ahead for Food Authenticity and QA/QC

    21 July, 2020

    Key learning objectives:

    • Introduction of 1H-NMR, TD-NMR, and EPR as powerful techniques for food analysis
    • How the solutions developed by Bruker address the increasing needs of the food industry for authenticity, purity and quality control of food products.

    Trace Level GC Analysis made routine by Ultra Inert & Capillary Flow Technologies

    15 July, 2020

    This session outlines how not using new technologies & having to repeat or verify a suspect analysis wastes 10-15% of valuable resources, hinders productivity, and hurts your bottom line. Agilent introduces Ultra Inert (UI) & Capillary Flow technologies (CFT) to take your results to greater heights.

    NIR Spectroscopy: An efficient alternative method for QC laboratories to reduce cost and analysis time

    14 July, 2020

    Key learning objectives:

    • What is NIR Spectroscopy and How does it work?
    • Benefits of using NIR as a QC tool. Implementation of NIR technology in chemical, petrochemical, polymer and pharmaceutical industries.
    • Industrial application examples of key quality parameters using NIR.

    Advanced Xray Diffraction techniques- Tips and tricks to select right tools for different advance applications

    07 July, 2020

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the available hardware and software configuration
    • The relevant applications
    • How to select the configuration for your own applications

    Choose Hydrogen as an alternative to Helium in Gas chromatography for better, faster result

    01 July, 2020

    The webinar will outline how H2 will be better than He for GC analysis and will provide some tips and tricks to converting from He to H2.

    Analysis of Nitrosamine Impurities in API & Drug Products Hydrogen gas

    30 June, 2020

    Key Learnings

    • Instrumentation requirements - GC v/s LC
    • Sample prep requirements
    • Sensitivity, selectivity and ease of analysis
    • Reporting