Analyze Forensic Samples via GC/MS in Less than 60 Seconds

21 May, 2020

Key learning points:

  • Very quick qualitative analysis with no sample prep for demanding forensic analysis.
  • Short 1.3 – 1.5 m column allowing possibilities of partial separation resulting in commercially available libraries usage for compounds identification.
  • Upgrade to accommodate the QuickProbe on existing GCMS system.
  • Clean-Blank-Shoot-Clean, all in less than 5 minutes.

Composition Analysis by GC of Modern Gasoline and its Feedstocks

20 May, 2020

Talking Points

Analysis of hydrocarbon types and oxygenates in gasolines and feedstocks

  • Multidimensional GC - Reformulyzer
  • Single column Detailed Hydrocarbon (PIONA) Analysis
  • Oxygenated compounds
  • Workflow oriented software – a demo

Monomer Analysis by Gas Chromatography

19 May, 2020

Talking Points

Unique solutions available to meet the analysis requirement to analyse very low-level impurities in monomer streams, such as Ethylene, Propylene, 1-Butene, Isobutylene, 1,3-Butadiene, Vinyl Chloride monomer, Styrene

  • Solution to analyse Arsine, Phosphine, Hydrocarbons, sulphur, oxygenates/Aldehydes/Ethers and permanent gases impurities
  • Advantages of the Analyzer
  • Lower detection limit (LDL) / Level Of Quantification (LOQ)

Discover more, Deliver more: A breakthrough in automated sample extraction and enrichment

18 May, 2020

Talking Points

  • Learn about the Centri platform for fully automated, multi-mode sample extraction & enrichment
  • Understand how trapping technology can be applied to traditional techniques such as SPME, headspace and sorptive extraction, for sample enrichment, to enhance performance and improve chromatography

Laser Ablation ICP-MS - Technique and Applications

12 May, 2020

Key Learnings

  • Learn how direct solid samples could be analyzed by LA with ICP-MS, which is rapid, sensitive and multi element detection at sub ppm level
  • Can sample virtually any material - rocks, minerals, metals, ceramics, polymers, plastics, plant material, biological specimens, etc.
  • Learn how the best Agilent ICP-MS / ICP-QQQ technology could help to achieve the targeted result with ease

Better, Smarter, Faster GC columns and accessories

06 May, 2020

Meeting ever increasing need for speed to results, regulatory requirements, efficiency improvements dictated by downward price pressure, and good environmental stewardship impose tough demands on your lab productivity. We at GBA bring you tested solutions configured to quickly obtain results and save costs.

Dramatically improve the performance of any Mass Spectrometer

05 May, 2020

Key Learnings from this Webinar

How to achieve following from your existing mass spectrometer

  • 100x improvement in mass accuracy from 0.x to 0.00x Da
  • Greater than 99% Spectral
  • Powerful mixture analysis of un-resolved MS signals

Preparing mineral samples with Katanax fusion machine

29 April, 2020

Katanax has been creating automated electric fusion equipment since 2002. Katanax fluxer combines exceptional fusion accuracy with all the advantages of electric power. Katanax fluxers allow you to save time and money while obtaining best possible analytical data.

XRAY Diffraction - Learn the basic technique and how to select the tool for your applications

28 April, 2020

The webinar is mainly focused on how Bruker Analytical X-ray solution will meet your challenging application requirement and will deliver results that save time and effort as well as ensure the accuracy of the experimental setup.

Tips & Tricks for Liquid Chromatography (LC)

22 April, 2020

The webinar will focus on Important HPLC Parameters, troubleshooting Key Concept- Divide and Conquer, Problems with the System Pressure, Removing Contaminants from the HPLC and General Troubleshooting Strategy.

Determination of bromate and other ions complying to local authority guidelines

21 April, 2020

Talking points

  • Review of regulatory requirements followed by water bottling industry
  • What is Ion Chromatography and how it will be useful to test water samples
  • Learn how automation will help in handling routine laboratory challenges

Speedup Sample Preparation with Automated Solid Phase Extraction System

08 April, 2020

The automated solid phase extractor is the result of the latest liquid-solid extraction techniques and mass chromatography highest requirements in terms of sensitivity and reproducibility. Largely used in environmental protection, food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, clinical, life sciences and other applications, thanks to its flexibility.

Understand organic contaminations in challenging water processes with online and laboratory TOC analysis

24 March, 2020

This webcast will outline the importance of tracking carbon levels across a plant, from source water to utility water, and finally to wastewater. The ability to obtain carbon data with an online or laboratory TOC analyzer is crucial to understanding the effectiveness of a plant’s treatment process and identifying process impurities. 

TOC basics and how to achieve Regulatory Compliance by TOC & conductivity for Cleaning Validation (CV)

23 March, 2020

The talking points of this webinar are:

  • What is TOC and understanding qualified technology for pharma.
  • Understand benefits of TOC and non-specific methods for assessing cleanliness.
  • Discuss considerations and how to transition from HPLC to TOC for cleaning validation.
  • Regulatory expectations on cleaning monitoring.