LabTech Evaporation Solutions

28 September, 2020

Get Vortexer LLG-uniTEXER with Universal Attachment*

Agilent Ultra Inert Flow Path

16 September, 2020

Buy any ultra-inert range of products and get syringes/vials worth more than AED 1,000*

Offers on the Purchase of PM Kits

11 August, 2020

By PM Kit for LC /LCMS , GC /GCMS , AAS or ICPMS and get of consumables worth AED 1,000 or more from GBA.*

Happy Week Offer

22 July, 2020

Get 5% additional discount over and above the normal discount

Agilent QuEChERs or SPE cartridges

21 July, 2020

Exciting offers on the purchase of Agilent QuEChERs or SPE Cartridges

Spectroscopy Supplies - Agilent

12 February, 2020

For any order of 5000 AED or equivalent, get 3 at the price of 2 Spectroscopy Consumables.

Agilent Vials and Closures

12 December, 2019

For an order of 5000 AED or equivalent, get a minimum of 500 Vials Free of Cost!

Agilent – Gas Clean Purification System

25 October, 2019

Buy any 2 Agilent Gas Clean Filter and get 1 Free of Cost !

LNI N2 Gas Generator

01 October, 2019

Get 5% off on the Purchase of any Gas Generator from LNI!

OpenLab Software Upgrade

30 July, 2019

Protect your Lab’s Data — and Image

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IDP Dry Scroll Pumps

17 June, 2019

Promotional Offers:

  • 50% price reduction
  • Free installation
  • 12 months Warranty

LabTech Evaporation Solution

15 May, 2019

Take Advantage of the following Offers:

  • Buy a complete set of Automated Rotary Evaporator (Pump, Chiller and Rotary Evaporator) and get a Hotplate FREE OF COST!
  • Buy a multivapor and get an extra set of sample tube FREE OF COST!
  • Buy a combo Rotavapor and Multi vapor and get a Chiller FREE OF COST!