Oxygenates Analyzer - Built to Meet Highest Standards in Trace Oxygenates Analysis

19 January, 2021
Trace Oxygenates Analyzers

We are at the forefront of building a complete range of Trace Oxygenates Analyzers based upon Capillary Flow Technology (CFT). GBA analyzers come preconfigured with performance verified methods, ready to analyze your samples quickly.

GBA Group and Activated Research Company (ARC) join hands

13 January, 2021
GBA Group and Activated Research Company (ARC) join hands

We are pleased to announce our Channel Partner Agreement with ARC, representing their complete range of product line in the Middle East and India for sales, aftermarket consumables and technical and application support.

Agilent new PFC free Vials & Closures

11 January, 2021
Agilent new PFC free Vials & Closures

Agilent sample containment solutions offer you simple ways to boost lab productivity and return on investment. Switching to A-Line vials could save you up to 25% in operating costs. Using Agilent's short-thread screw caps deliver 30% time savings.

Fourier 80: New Benchtop NMR from Bruker

30 December, 2020
Bruker FTNMR Fourier 80

Tackle the challenges. Add to your expertise. Bruker NMR power is now on the bench.

Sulfur Analyzer - Built to Meet Highest Standards in Gas Analysis

22 December, 2020
Trace Sulfur Analyzers

Gulf Bio Analytical Group is at the forefront of building a range of Sulfur Analyzers based on most selective, sensitive detectors that are pre-configured and chemically tested to reliably quantify trace-level sulfur compounds in a wide range of sample matrices.

Enhance the Productivity of your GC and Lower Cost per Sample

16 December, 2020
Agilent 8890 GC

Sharing our decades of expertise with added technical support, you will be able to process more samples in a limited time frame.

    NEW Agilent 7850 ICP-MS

    14 December, 2020
    Agilent 7850 ICPMS

    Free your ICP-MS workflow from common time traps with the New Agilent Technologies 7850 ICP-MS. The new icpms is equipped with a range of smart functions and tools that will reduce time traps along the ICP-MS analysis workflow.

    ETHOS LEAN- Milestone's New Microwave Digestion Unit

    07 December, 2020

    The ETHOS LEAN collects Milestone's experience and embraces all its values into a compact and economical solution for sample preparation, matching the requirements of laboratories that approach microwave digestion without the needs of high-volume labs

    GBA Gas Analyzers Built to Meet Highest Standards in Gas Analysis

    30 November, 2020
    GBA Gas Analyzers

    We bring to you Preconfigured and Calibrated GBA GC analyzers to analyze Gaseous and Liquefied Natural Gas to ensure that you are ready to run samples soon after installation

    Katanax FluxPencer

    12 November, 2020
    Katanax - FluxPenser

    A unique and first in the world automatic sample dispenser to your weighting balance. The FluxPenser can dispense granular or micro bead flux for optimal flexibility.

    Yakos65 and GBA Group join hands

    14 October, 2020

    We are pleased to announce our Channel Partner Agreement with Yakos65, representing their complete range of product line in the Middle East and India.

    Skalar - BluVision Analyzer

    02 September, 2020

    BluVision Discrete Analyzer for all your Water Applications. Ideal solution for high throughput samples with wide range of parameters

    2020 update on UOP938 - Mercury in Liquid Hydrocarbons

    18 August, 2020

    Trade-in your NIC SP-3D Mercury Analyzer for a brand-new MA-3 Solo.

    SAN++ Continuous Flow Analyzer

    13 August, 2020

    Complex wet chemistry analysis made easy - SAN++ Continuous Flow Analyzer for your Laboratory.

    ASTM D8267 Officially Included in Jet Fuel Specification ASTM D1655 as an Alternative to ASTM D1319

    15 July, 2020

    ASTM D8267 (GC-VUV) has officially been published as an alternative method to ASTM D1319 in the most recent version of the Jet Fuel Specification ASTM D1655–20.

    Witness Online Factory Acceptance Tests (eFAT) Remotely

    04 July, 2020

    GBA Group has invested in extending analyzer testing infrastructure to support our customers for performing online Factory Acceptance Test (eFAT) remotely.

    Introducing Agilent 280-DS MQS for Dissolution Apparatus

    12 May, 2020

    It revolutionizes dissolution qualification by measuring critical physical parameters of dissolution apparatus with unmatched unprecedented precision.

    Captiva Filter Vials - A convenient way to filter samples

    29 April, 2020

    Captiva filter vials provide a convenient way to filter samples prior to LC or GC analysis.

    Access your lab and GC/LC while staying at home

    16 April, 2020

    Upgrade your favorite ChemStation Software to OpenLab CDS!

    Introducing the NEW X3 DSC and Discovery Hybrid Rheometer

    14 April, 2020

    Discover all-new technology from the world leader in Thermal Analysis & Rheology.

    D2 PHASER - The world´s best benchtop XRD system

    08 April, 2020

    Superior data quality meets unparalleled ease-of-use!

    Halal Testing - Porcine DNA Detection Assay

    05 April, 2020

    The HaFYS porcine-DNA Detection assay on the GeneSTAT provides a simple and accurate method for porcine DNA testing in various food and pharmaceuticals products.

    Calibration and Performance Verification Services

    29 March, 2020

    Get a fully calibrated system, full confidence on the performance and accuracy in results. Absolute peace of mind!

    We are Open for Business!

    17 March, 2020

    We would like to inform you that we are fully open for business within the regulation of specific countries that we serve. 

    VUV Spectroscopic GC Detectors

    26 February, 2020

    Work smarter with unambiguous identification, autonomous monitoring, and other time-saving operations.

    New 5977B GC SQ

    19 February, 2020

    Increase your Efficiency!

    Katanax - SPEX SamplePrep

    23 January, 2020

    Inorganic Sample Preparation by Fusion for XRF, AA and ICP Analysis.

    Skalar BluVision Discrete Analyzer

    17 January, 2020

    Ideal Solution for Smaller Load Samples with Wide Range of Parameters.

    A New Logo for the Gulf Bio Analytical Group

    02 January, 2020

    We are proud to announce a new Logo for the Gulf Bio Analytical Group.

    Liquid Nitrogen Gas Generator

    23 December, 2019

    “Brew” your own Liquid Nitrogen. “Drafting” your own high-quality liquid nitrogen, anywhere, anytime.

    5800 and 5900 ICP-OES Spectrometers

    26 November, 2019

    Smart tools to prevent time-wasting instrument downtime and sample re-measurement!

    SPEX SamplePrep - Our New Partner

    21 November, 2019

    We are pleased to announce our Channel Partner Agreement with SPEX SamplePrep, representing their products.

    Discovery TMA 450 - Precisely Measuring Dimensional Stability

    30 October, 2019

    The TMA 450 delivers Superior Performance, Unmatched Sensitivity & Maximum Versatility.

    Consumable and Small Equipment Catalogue

    25 October, 2019

    The newly updated Consumable and Small Equipment Catalogue is available now. 

    Sievers Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers

    15 October, 2019

    Unmatched Analytical Performance, Reliability and Ease of Use!

    8700 LDIR – Chemical Imaging and Spectral Analysis in Minutes

    17 September, 2019

    Analyze more Samples in Greater Detail – and in Less Time!

    Agilent – Gas Clean Purification System

    10 August, 2019

    Change your Saturated Gas Clean Filter System - Deliver Clean Gases for Better Results!

    OpenLab Software Upgrade

    30 July, 2019

    Protect your Lab's Data and Image!

    OptiPMD: Micro-Distillation

    28 July, 2019

    OptiPMD : The Next Generation Lab Micro-Distillation Analyzer! 

    Agilent Ultra Scientific Standards

    20 June, 2019

    Analytical Standards for a Complex World ! Calibrate with Confidence – and Maximum Accuracy !

    Agilent Poroshell Columns

    30 May, 2019

    Perform fast,high-efficiency separations like never before! 

    Agilent 8890 and 8860 GC Systems

    27 March, 2019

    Meet your Analytical Needs Today and Tomorrow!

    S2 POLAR – The EDXRF for the Petrochemical Industry

    12 November, 2018

    The S2 POLAR masters all requirements for S analysis from diesel to crude oils.