JetClean self-cleaning ion source for GC/MS

21 January, 2022

Agilent with its unique solution called JetClean has allowed GCMS users to do what otherwise was unthinkable – clean the source as you go.

A Brand New GBA Training Calendar 2022 is Here

13 January, 2022
GBA Training Calendar 2022

We are glad to present you with a brand new Gulf Bio Analytical training calendar for the year 2022. GBA academy helps by partnering and collaborating with you and your team to meet the requirements and desired outcome you seek.

VUV Analyzer - World’s first benchtop VUV spectrometer

10 January, 2022
VUV Analyzers

The VGA-100 & 101 is a universal mass-sensitive gas chromatography (GC) detector that provides both qualitative and quantitative data with excellent sensitivity and selectivity.

Hassle-Free and Smooth Transportation of your Lab Equipments

07 January, 2022
GBA Lab Relocation Service

At GBA, we provide you with a sensible, turnkey solutions that delivers well-organized lab movement administrations in all the major cities in the World.

Programmable Oven for Molsieve Column Conditioning in Pro RGA

05 January, 2022
Molsieve Column Conditioning in Pro RGA

GBA has developed a separate programmable oven for the Molsieve column that allows to condition the Molsieve column without having to remove it from the analyzer.

Analyzing Biogas using Micro GC

04 January, 2022
Agilent Micro GC

Agilent’s Micro GC can be the best analytical tool to analyze all the composition in short run time. Analyze composition of permanent gases and hydrocarbon with total run time of less than 2 minutes.

Maximize the Performance and Accuracy of Your Fuel Analysis

03 January, 2022
GC-VUV Analyzer

The VUV Analyzer for Fuels combines the power of GC-VUV, the simplicity of VUV Analyze Software, and a suite of fuel-specific applications into an easy-to-use solution that automatically analyzes fuels in just a fraction of the time.

Gas Generators for Analytical, Industrial and Environmental Applications

29 December, 2021
LNI Gas Solutions

Nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air generators for analytical, industrial, environmental and laser applications. Order your gas generator now and avail best offers.

GBA Group successfully completes a Prestigious Food Testing Laboratory project in the UAE

27 December, 2021
Ajman Municipality Project

We are excited to confirm having successfully completed the set-up of a state-of-the-art Food Testing Laboratory in the United Arab Emirates.

One-Stop Multi-Vendor Support For All Laboratory Solutions

22 December, 2021
GBA multi vendor support

We at GBA, provide comprehensive, cost-effective, and efficient multi-vendor operations and maintenance support for all analytical laboratories.

Stepping Up Your Game: Hardware and Software Upgrades For Your Analytical Labs

20 December, 2021
GBA Hardware and Software Upgrades

We at GBA, through our comprehensive hardware and software upgrade services, we not only upgrade systems, but also migrate all data to the new software and build a bridge with the rest of the IT setup.

It's Here: A Brand New Gulf Bio Analytical Product Catalogue!

16 December, 2021
Product Catalogue

We are glad to present the latest version of Gulf Bio Analytical Product Catalogue. Inside you'll find instruments designed for productivity and precision. 

Fully automated Protein Purification and validated EPA Solutions

13 December, 2021
PromoChrom Technologies

We have partnered with PromoChrom Technologies Ltd., BC, Canada to provide best global solutions to our regional customers.

Quantify Active Analytes with Confidence

10 December, 2021
Agilent Ultra Inert

Increase your GC operating time without missing a peak. Enhance your trace level detection with Agilent Ultra Inert Flow path.

It's Here: A Brand New Gulf Bio Analytical Catalogue For Consumables!

03 December, 2021
CSE Catalog

We are glad to present the latest version of Consumables & Small Equipment Catalogue. This new version enables you to find all your required products for routine or unique applications, of reputed manufacturer from a single source.

inteGREAT LIMS: Providing Quality Data and Speedy Response to Production and Businesses

01 December, 2021

inteGREAT Solution can help to automate the results and integrate instrument with LIMS and our best practices will help to speedy implementation.

Online Reaction Monitoring by Agilent InfinityLab Online LC solution

25 November, 2021
1260 Infinity II Prime Online LC System

With the 1260 Infinity II Prime Online LC System, you can be assured of accurate, robust, and accelerated process monitoring.

Determine Disinfection By-products in Potable Water reliably using IC

02 November, 2021
Metrohm IC

Metrohm IC using Sequential Suppressor and advanced Conductivity detector can achieve lowest detection limits with extremely good sensitivity, specificity & precision for all the Anions including Oxyhalides as per EPA 300.1 A&B.

Resolve Your Density Measurement with Performance

25 October, 2021
MVS2Pro Density System

Introducing MVS2Pro Density System, A robotized system for the determination of the Density of polymers by the principle of the Hydrostatic Push opportunely corrected to obtain the result expressed in the MV (S) unit.

Analysis of Total Oil and Grease in Water using Agilent FTIR Cary 630 and ClearShot Extractor

20 October, 2021
Agilent Cary 630 FTIR spectrometer

The Agilent Cary 630 FTIR spectrometer is a flexible benchtop FTIR instrument offering high performance and extraordinary ease-of-use in an ultra-compact design.

MOSH – MOAH analysis using Gerstel solution along with Agilent HPLC and GC

11 October, 2021

The GERSTEL MOSH/MOAH Sample Prep Solution is based on an online-coupled HPLC-GC-FID system using the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler for automated sample preparation and introduction.

High-End modules for Customized pH, Ion, and Conductivity Measurement

30 September, 2021
Metrohm Meters

Build your own, customized solution with the 856 Conductivity Module and 867 pH Module.

More Chemistries, More Choices for Solving Your Toughest Separation Challenges

27 September, 2021
Agilent LC Columns

Gulf Bio Analytical Group is offering a application specific custom designed columns with assured quality and best in industry pricing.

Extraction Of Organic Compounds From Challenging Matrices That Requires Zero Solvents

22 September, 2021
Gerstel Twister

The GERSTEL Twister enables efficient extraction of organic compounds from aqueous matrices based on Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction (SBSE).

Replace Your Old Titrators with Metrohm's New and Advanced One

09 September, 2021
Metrohm Titrator

OMNIS and Ti-Touch: Metrohm’s new, fully integrated titration system that caters to the needs of today’s laboratories.

Operation and Maintenance of a Petrochemical Laboratory awarded to GBA Group

06 September, 2021
GBA Operation and Maintenance Project

GBA Group is pleased to announce to have received the award to Operate and Maintain Petrochemical Laboratory for Polypropylene Testing in Eastern Region of India.

VOCs Analysis Using HS-Trap Technology

02 September, 2021
Markes Centri VOC Analyzer

GBA presents VOCs Analysis Using HS-Trap Technology. Incorporating Markes’ advanced cryogen-free focusing trap technology, Centri optimises analytical sensitivity, and enhances the quality of information obtained from GC–MS.

Remote Support Services - Prompt Diagnostics and Rapid Response

30 August, 2021
GBA Remote Support Services

GBA Group is providing Remote Diagnostic Services for both technical and non-technical issues. We’ve put our best engineers in the remote team to help with the issue accurately and provide adequate support without any in-person visits.

GBA Group wins a large Food Testing Laboratory Project in India

26 August, 2021
GBA Food Industry Solutions

GBA Group is delighted to announce to have received the award for a sophisticated analytical testing equipment package for a Food Testing Laboratory in Eastern Region of India.

Determination of Different Carbon Species According to DIN 19539

20 August, 2021
Skalar Primacs

The Skalar Primacs can measure total carbon as well as separate between organic carbon (TOC400), elemental carbon (ROC) and inorganic carbon (TIC900) according to DIN 19539.

Change your saturated Gas Clean Filter System

18 August, 2021
Agilent Gas Clean Filter System

The Agilent Gas Clean Filter System delivers clean gases, reducing the risks of column damage, sensitivity loss, and instrument downtime, thus improving trace analysis.

DEXTech Pure and DEXTech Heat - The Best Solution for Your Dioxin Clean-up

13 August, 2021
LcTech DEXTech Pure

DEXTech systems are designed to provide automation for this complex clean-up with unmatched ease of use and support for analysis and easier data interpretation.

Measuring Elements in Residual Fuels and Crude Oil per Method ASTM D8322

12 August, 2021

Agilent MP-AES uses a nitrogen based plasma, reducing the cost associated with the purchase of argon, for ICP OES, and acetylene, for Flame AAS.

Simple, Automated Peak Classification in Petrochemical Samples

10 August, 2021
Markes Petrochemical fingerprinting

Our ‘Petrochemical fingerprinting’ product package provides outstanding separation of complex mixtures, as well as the flexibility to adapt to different detector configurations.

TA Instruments Solution Offering for Coating and Ceramic Industries

09 August, 2021
TA Instrument

Innovative, accurate, reliable products, with best in class service and support. Industry leading systems for testing physical properties of materials.

Automate Your Laboratory with the Global Leader for LIMS and ELN

06 August, 2021
Labware LIMS

Improve your lab's productivity, efficiency, data integrity, and compliance with LabWare.

Sievers Eclipse Bacterial Endotoxins Testing (BET) Platform

04 August, 2021
Sievers Eclipse Bacterial Endotoxins Testing (BET) Platform

Sievers Eclipse Bacterial Endotoxins Testing (BET) , a groundbreaking analytical instrument that simplifies assay setup while meeting global regulatory requirements.

GBA Group join hands with CytoSMART to enhance the customer experience

03 August, 2021

We are pleased to announce our Channel Partner Agreement with CytoSMART, representing their complete range of product line in  UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman.

Amino Acid Analyzer for High-End analysis of Amino Acids

02 August, 2021
Amino Acid Analyzer

The ARACUS is a dedicated amino acid analyzer for high-end analysis of amino acids in research, food quality control, beverages and feedstuff and in the clinical laboratory.

Polypropylene Testing Laboratory Project in Eastern India Awarded to GBA Group

30 July, 2021
Polypropylene Testing Laboratory Project

We are pleased to announce to have received the award to supply, install and commission a Laboratory for Polypropylene Testing in Eastern Region of India.

Estimation of Vitamin D2 and D3 in Food using LC-QQQ

28 July, 2021

Get accurate and simultaneous quantitation with Agilent 6470 triple quadrupole LC/MS system

Get maximum from your old Gas Chromatography system

27 July, 2021
GBA GC Replacement

Your lab's efficiency can be a competitive advantage and new technologies are available to boost productivity in virtually all aspects of your lab operations.

Preventive Maintenance Kit for Your Instruments

26 July, 2021
Milestone PM Kit

Buy one or more Preventive Maintenance Kit and get a final discount of 15%.

All-in-One Comprehensive Maintenance Contract

22 July, 2021
Comprehensive Maintenance Contract

Introducing our Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) that not only offers preventive maintenance for your equipment but also includes all repair, updates and spare part provisions.

Liquid Nitrogen Gas Generator

19 July, 2021
Labtech Liquid Nitrogen Generator

“Brew” your own Liquid Nitrogen. “Drafting” your own high-quality liquid nitrogen, anywhere, anytime.

Analysis of Additives in a Polymer

16 July, 2021
LCMS Cernobioscience Masswork

Using the Agilent 6120B Single Quadrupole MS and MassWorks accurate mass elemental composition determination software.

Rainin Pipettes - Superior Products for Peak Performance

15 July, 2021
Rainin Pipettes

Rainin offers a wide selection of ergonomic manual pipettes, electronic pipettes, multichannel pipettes, BioClean-certified LTS and Universal-fit pipette tips and convenient, expert pipette service.


14 July, 2021
GC-VUV Analyzer

The VUV Analyzer is a platform developed for the analysis of fuels with value, ease-of-use, and flexibility in mind. The instrumentation can run multiple fuels related methods on one VUV Analyzer.

Avoid catalyst poisoning by identifying trace-level components in the feedstock

13 July, 2021
GBA Gas Analyzers

GBA Gas Analyzers for identifying trace level components in the feedstock to avoid catalyst poisoning.

GBA Group and Foxx Life Sciences join hands to enhance the customer experience

11 July, 2021
Foxx Life Sciences

We are pleased to announce our Channel Partner Agreement with Foxx Life Sciences,  representing their complete range of product line in the Middle East and Malaysia.

University Research Laboratory Project in Saudi Arabia Awarded to the GBA Group

09 July, 2021
Taif University

We are proud to announce the successful completion of the Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of the Central Laboratories for a University in the western province of Saudi Arabia.

Metrohm Process IC - Online Monitoring of Water for Ionic Compounds

07 July, 2021
Metrohm 2060 IC Process

The 2060 IC Process Analyzer enables customized online ion chromatography monitoring of industrial processes with multiple parameters and streams.

Analyzing Crude In An Efficient And Cost-Effective Way

06 July, 2021
GBA Analyzers

The GBA analyzers are configured to analyze the results of DHA up to C9 by using Capillary Flow Technology and High Temp SIMDIS analysis into one total true boiling point report for the best performance in crude oil analysis.

Sievers M5310 C TOC Analyzers : Total Organic Carbon Analysis in Drinking and Purified Water

04 July, 2021
Sievers M5310 C TOC Analyzers

Sievers M5310 C Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers are designed for the drinking water industry and environmental water quality monitoring. Offering an operating range of 4 ppb to 50 ppm, these analyzers are engineered to support disinfection byproduct compliance.

GBA Group and Generon S.p.A. join hands to enhance the customer experience

02 July, 2021
Generon Food Safety Diagnostic Kits

We are pleased to announce our Channel Partner Agreement with Generon S.p.A. Italy, representing their complete range of product line in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman.

GBA Group and CRAIC Technologies join hands to enhance the customer experience

01 July, 2021
 CRAIC Technologies

We are pleased to announce our Channel Partner Agreement with CRAIC Technologies, representing their Microanalysis Solutions in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman.

How Performance Verification Ensures Productivity and Reliability of your Equipment

30 June, 2021
Performance Verification Services

GBA Group provide comprehensive Calibration and Performance Verification Services, matching several international standards, depending on your area of operation.

Chemical Species Analysis in Fuel Oil Analysis by GC-MSD and FID

29 June, 2021
Agilent GC System

GC-MSD and FID is a versatile tool helps in Fuel Oil Analysis to avoid fouling in the oil pump and protect the damage of the engines.

CDS Analytical Pyrolysis Module

28 June, 2021
CDS Pyrolyzers

Identify Polymer Unique Pyrolysis Module with CDS Analytical. CDS Pyrolyzers are compatible with all major brands of GC/MS.

Agilent Seahorse XF - Integrated End-to-End Platform for Life Sciences

25 June, 2021
Agilent Seahorse XF

Agilent offers Seahorse XF Analyzers, a cell analysis technology solutions that detect discrete changes in cellular bioenergetics in real-time.

Automated Terpenes Analysis using GC-VUV Analyzer

24 June, 2021
GC-VUV Analyzer

VUV Analytical bring to you a new tool for automating flavour and fragrance analysis. A fast GC–VUV and static headspace method to identify and quantitate terpenes.

Speed Up Your Laboratory Workflow with Quick-change 96 and 384 Well Pipetting

22 June, 2021
BenchSmart 96

BenchSmart 96 is a semi-automated 96/384-well pipetting system with three interchangeable pipetting heads, giving it a range of 0.5 μL to 1000 μL.

BenchTOF2 - Next Generation of the Successful BenchTOF Series

21 June, 2021

BenchTOF2 mass spectrometers allow labs to adapt to the increased workloads and new challenges while improving data confidence and reducing costs.

OpenSPR for Academia & Research

18 June, 2021

World’s only benchtop Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instrument. Nicoya reduce the cost and complexity of SPR instrumentation and make it accessible to every researcher.

Helium Conservation Module

16 June, 2021
Agilent 8890 GC

Agilent’s Programmable Helium Conservation Module helps your lab avoid the high costs and productivity pitfalls associated with changing to an alternate carrier gas.

Our customer assistance team is also available on WhatsApp

14 June, 2021
GBA WhatsApp promotion

We would like to introduce our new WhatsApp Chat feature on our website. This feature would help our customers to easily chat with us at their convenience.

Process Gas Chromatograph with a Difference: Eclipse by WASSON

11 June, 2021
Wasson Eclipse

Eclipse PGCs bring the resolving power and sensitivity of capillary chromatography to online analytics. Monitor stream conditions in real-time.

Trace Impurity Analyzer for Oxygen - Agilent 8890 GC with PDHID Analyzer Solution

08 June, 2021

The 8890 Gas Chromatograph (GC) System delivers fast and accurate results with flexible configuration capabilities to address specific analysis demands. 

Upgrade your Agilent GC/LC Chemstation, OpenLab Chemstation, OpenLab Ezchrom

04 June, 2021
OpenLab CDS

OpenLab CDS 2.x Software is the newer Chromatography Software from Agilent. It will be user friendly, Easy learning, Easy migration from the existing software.

GBA Gas Analyzers - Built to meet Highest standards for Fertilizer Industry

31 May, 2021
GBA Gas Analyzers

Gulf Bio Analytical brings to you pre-configured and calibrated gas analyzers to support regular plant operations.

Process Gas Chromatograph with a Difference: E-VUV by WASSON

28 May, 2021

Accurate, easy and fast solutions are key for Hydrocarbon Processing Industries (HPI) and Chemical Processing Industries (CPI). To meet this goal, the Wasson-ECE engineering teams combined high-performance convection ovens with electronic pressure and flow controls to overcome the limitations of traditional PGCs.

TPH Analysis by Sepsolve Analytical

24 May, 2021
Sepsolve TPH Analysis

Robust, Affordable multi Dimensional GC Solutions for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) Analysis

The Polyarc System: Making Dissolved Gas Analysis Easy

20 May, 2021
ARC Polyarc

The Polyarc system by Activated Research Company has been a game-changing device for TOGA/DGA testing labs. It is both fully compliant with ASTM method D3612 and is also easy to install and operate. This results in zero laboratory downtime.

Affordable, Compact & Faster Medical Oxygen Purity Analyzer

17 May, 2021
Agilent 990 Micro GC

GBA offers Agilent 990 Micro GC Solution, to provide needed answers with innovative, industry-leading features with the quality and speed that are critical to gas analysis.

17 Mycotoxins in One Go - Sample Clean-up and Matrix Removal

13 May, 2021

The LCTech CrossTOX columns allow a highly efficient sample clean-up of regulated and expected mycotoxins. At the same time they improve the conventional dilute-and-shoot application by a QuEChERS based process.

Measurement of Total Mercury in Whole Blood using MA-3 Solo

11 May, 2021
MA-3 Solo

NIC MA-3 Solo employs Direct Thermal Decomposition - Gold Amalgamation - CVAAS technique to determine total Mercury in various types of samples.

The New Discovery Hybrid Rheometer by TA Instruments

06 May, 2021
TA Rheometer

Discover the advanced engineering and attention to detail that provides enhancements in every aspect of rheometer technology and user experience.

Field-Portable High-Sensitivity Mercury Analyzer: NIC EMP Gold+

04 May, 2021
EMP Gold+

The EMP Gold+ is a portable mercury analyzer using the gold amalgam concentration atomic absorption spectrometry.

GBA Group and Nicoya Lifesciences join hands

02 May, 2021

We are pleased to announce our Channel Partner Agreement with Nicoya, representing their complete range of product line in the Middle East for sales, aftermarket consumables and technical and application support.

Food Industry Solutions Comprehensive Analysis of Total FAT & FAMEs

28 April, 2021
GBA Food Industry Solutions

GBA is at the forefront of building complete range of Food Industry solutions based upon state-of-the-art Agilent 5977B GC/MSD System to ensure highest reliability and performance.

Direct Mercury Analyzer: MA-3 Solo

27 April, 2021
MA-3 Solo

MA-3 Solo - Affordable, High-Performance, and Compact Benchtop Direct Mercury Analyzer by Nippon Instruments Corporation.

Metrohm Vis-NIR Spectroscopy Lab Analyzers to perform routine analysis quickly

21 April, 2021
DS2500 Analyzers

Metrohm versatile visible and near-infrared spectrometers can be applied in various industries, e.g., Chemical, Polymer, Cosmetics, Paper and Pulp, or Pharmaceutical, to determine chemical and/or physical properties of samples quickly and reliably.

Captiva Filter Vials - Improve Speed, Resolution, and Column Life

20 April, 2021
Captiva Filter Vials

Agilent Captiva filter vials replace the combination of syringe filters, syringes, autosampler vials, septa, and caps with a single unit for a faster and more convenient workflow.

Introducing Tamson Instruments - Providing Complete Solution for wide ASTM based Applications

15 April, 2021
amson Instruments

Tamson products operate with amazingly high accuracy, long life, quality, and reliability. As a manufacturer, Tamson continually strives to enhance products and extending its product range to better serve industry needs.

Handheld Raman Spectrometer for Pharma Raw Material Identification and Verification

07 April, 2021

The NanoRam-1064 meets the requirements of Raman spectroscopy methods including the US Pharmacopeia-1120, European Pharmacopeia 2.2.48, Japanese Pharmacopoeia 2.26, as well as the People’s Republic of China Pharmacopeia Guidelines on Raman Spectroscopy.

Handheld Raman Analyzers for Raw Material Identification

05 April, 2021
Raman Analyzers

Raman spectroscopy can be used for direct sample analysis typically without preprocessing or preparation. Raman has the unique capability of being able to test a sample directly through transparent packing material like glass or plastic, making it a fast, easy method that can be used for material identification and analysis wherever it is needed.

Gas Fields Development Project in Africa awarded to the GBA Group

01 April, 2021
GBA Gas Fields Development

GBA Group is pleased to announce to have received the award to design multiple Laboratories for a prestigious Gas Development project in Africa.


29 March, 2021

Discover the possibilities with the Discovery X3 Differential Scanning Calorimeter featuring a multi-sample cell that delivers high quality heat flow data for up to three samples simultaneously.

Meet the Award-Winning Spectrometer of 2021

25 March, 2021
6470B Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

The 6470B Triple Quadrupole LC/MS is a new, robust mass spectrometer targeted towards the applied and life science markets for routine analysis. It is designed for low level detection of compounds in food, environmental, forensic, pharmaceutical, and biological matrices such as pesticides, organic contaminants, drugs, and metabolomic markers.

Organic Monitoring using Sievers InnovOx TOC Analyzer

24 March, 2021
Sievers InnovOx TOC Analyzers

Sievers InnovOx ES Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers are designed to measure organic carbon in a broad range of water samples from industrial process water to wastewater influent and effluent to concentrated brine in chemical applications.

Expert service support and PM kit offerings for your Metrohm IC

22 March, 2021
Metrohm IC

Our Quality Service simplifies your daily work in the laboratory, making it safer, easier and above all, more predictable. Our Consumables and PM Kit will ensure the smooth functioning of your IC System.

How to ensure your honey is pure and not adulterated

20 March, 2021
Honey has become a prime target for economically motivated adulteration, being in high demand, and short supply. This type of food fraud has historically been difficult to detect, but the multi-marker and non-targeted analytical capability of NMR has provided an effective solution.

TOC Analyzers to meet Pharmaceutical Application and Stringent Regulatory Requirements

01 March, 2021
Suez Sievers TOC Analyzers

Sievers TOC Analyzers to meet pharmaceutical applications and stringent regulatory requirements by SUEZ - Water Technologies & Solutions!

Yakos65 Safety Cabinets for your documents safety

26 February, 2021
Yakos65 Safety Cabinets

Check out the wide range of flammable safety cabinets for a variety of storage from our partner Yakos65. They are ideal for be used in industries, hospitals, laboratories, stores, warehouses, etc., where materials need to be stored safely and securely.

TOGA Analyzer - Built to Meet Highest Standards in Transformer Oil Gas Analysis

22 February, 2021
TOGA Analyzer

GBA is at the forefront of building complete range of TOGA Analyzers based upon state-of-the-art Agilent76967A Headspace Sampler ensures an inert sample pathway for superior GC performance without degradation or loss of analytes.

Introducing PureLab Quest

18 February, 2021
PureLab Quest

1. Single System Delivers 3 Types of Water for Every Application in your Lab
2. Providing Your Labs Around The World With A Reliable Source Of Ultrapure Water

New GBA Training Calendar 2021 is Here!

17 February, 2021
GBA Training Calendar 2021

We are glad to present you with our brand new training calendar for the year 2021. The courses are held in a modern training facility and its structure is designed to provide enough classroom (physical and virtual) discussion to fully understand the scientific principles behind the instrumentation and techniques.

GBA Group and Fritsch join hands to Enhance Customer Experience in the Middle East

12 February, 2021

We are pleased to announce our Channel Partner Agreement with FRITSCH Germany, representing their particle Size and shape product line in the Middle East, aftermarket consumables and technical and application support

GCxGC Solutions - Built to Meet Highest Requirements in GCxGC Analysis

09 February, 2021
GCxGC Solutions

GCxGC is versatile tool to study Oil spill identification, biomarker in crude oil, group type hydrocarbon identification, etc. The dimensionality like boiling point and polarity can be used together to achieve best possible separation. The basic premise behind GCxGC, which essentially multiplies Peak capacities and hence doubles separation power by connecting two different phase column through modulator.

A Brand New Catalog For Consumables and Small Equipment

31 January, 2021
Catalog For Consumables and Small Equipment

We are glad to present you with a Gulf Bio Analytical consumables and a small equipment catalogue. GBA Group is providing not only good product but complete solutions. Everything required for your day to day routine and unique applications requirements.

Prepare Your Food Samples Using Agilent QuEChERS - Decrease 40% cost per sample

26 January, 2021
Agilent QuEChERS

Agilent QuEChERS is an excellent automated alternative to existing LLE, SPE & GPC methods for the analysis of multiple pesticide residues in variety of food matrices, results in significant time savings as lengthy liquid extraction procedures are eliminated.

Oxygenates Analyzer - Built to Meet Highest Standards in Trace Oxygenates Analysis

19 January, 2021
Trace Oxygenates Analyzers

We are at the forefront of building a complete range of Trace Oxygenates Analyzers based upon Capillary Flow Technology (CFT). GBA analyzers come preconfigured with performance verified methods, ready to analyze your samples quickly.

GBA Group and Activated Research Company (ARC) join hands

13 January, 2021
GBA Group and Activated Research Company (ARC) join hands

We are pleased to announce our Channel Partner Agreement with ARC, representing their complete range of product line in the Middle East and India for sales, aftermarket consumables and technical and application support.

Agilent new PFC free Vials & Closures

11 January, 2021
Agilent new PFC free Vials & Closures

Agilent sample containment solutions offer you simple ways to boost lab productivity and return on investment. Switching to A-Line vials could save you up to 25% in operating costs. Using Agilent's short-thread screw caps deliver 30% time savings.

Fourier 80: New Benchtop NMR from Bruker

30 December, 2020
Bruker FTNMR Fourier 80

Tackle the challenges. Add to your expertise. Bruker NMR power is now on the bench.

Sulfur Analyzer - Built to Meet Highest Standards in Gas Analysis

22 December, 2020
Trace Sulfur Analyzers

Gulf Bio Analytical Group is at the forefront of building a range of Sulfur Analyzers based on most selective, sensitive detectors that are pre-configured and chemically tested to reliably quantify trace-level sulfur compounds in a wide range of sample matrices.

Enhance the Productivity of your GC and Lower Cost per Sample

16 December, 2020
Agilent 8890 GC

Sharing our decades of expertise with added technical support, you will be able to process more samples in a limited time frame.

    NEW Agilent 7850 ICP-MS

    14 December, 2020
    Agilent 7850 ICPMS

    Free your ICP-MS workflow from common time traps with the New Agilent Technologies 7850 ICP-MS. The new icpms is equipped with a range of smart functions and tools that will reduce time traps along the ICP-MS analysis workflow.