Value Creation

We at GBA strongly believe in creating value for our customers by understanding the sources and drivers of value creation for their processes. We focus on consistent quality and timely delivery of projects by converting intangible assets like skills, technology, innovation and understanding of operational & regulatory requirement, alliances, management capabilities, employee relations, customer relations and brand value into tangible outcomes for our customers.

The GBA team with diverse and vast operational experience in various market segments have gained expertise in understanding the operational and user requirements of applications. This knowledge supported by the latest technology updates available with GBA ensures that our detailed engineering, workflow and functionality design define and control all the related activities of any laboratory process every time for our customers.

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Equipment, Supplies and Consumables Lifecycle Management

GBA provides the customer advantage of single point contact, one comprehensive contract which is multivendor by design. A true turnkey realization of design, supply, installation, commissioning, and product lifecycle management for the entire laboratory and plant.

With access to a global network of renowned OEMs GBA provides independent and competitive procurement. As a global, single source supplier of laboratory packages, we can handle purchasing of analytical test equipment, furniture, Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing (MEP), chemicals, consumables, service contracts and other laboratory and plant-related supplies.

When the lab is ready and in use, GBA offers an innovative and secure procurement portal using state of the art technologies capable of providing one-stop-shop procurement, inventory management and user application support while providing budget and cost control capabilities to the client management and finance teams.

Keeping the end-user’s daily needs in mind, GBA features a competent and reliable customer support organization that is continuously connected to the end-user via proven call-logging and remote qualification systems which ensure prompt and effective support to end-users when it matters the most.

GBA, through our local offices, partnerships and agents provides after sales support, training, designing and implementing, analysis and reporting procedures as well as establishing laboratory information management systems (LIMS).

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