Food Safety Diagnostic Kits

Real-Time PCR paved the way to new possibilities in food and feed quality control in terms of range and speed of analysis, overall analytical costs and reliability of results.

Gulf Bio Analytical in partnership with Generon provides rapid analytical solutions for analysis laboratories and food companies that need to guarantee the safety of their products and supports them, unlike the large multinationals in the sector, in its entire analytical process.

Generon Food Safety Diagnostic Kits
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Highlight of the Product Offering

  • FOOD ALLERGENS DETECTION - Generon offers best kits, optimal working conditions and the appropriate set-up for each allergen in every food matrix, according to Regulation (EU) 1169/2011.
  • FOOD/WATER MICROBIOLOGY - Generon portfolio includes RT-PCR testing methods to enable fast, sensitive and accurate detection of food-borne viruses in perfect compliance with ISO protocols.
    A variety of swab tests for environmental monitoring complete to guarantee the safety and hygiene of your production environment
  • FOOD FRAUDS DETECTION - Generon offers food fraud prevention Real-time PCR kit
  • NUCLEIC ACIDS EXTRACTION -DNA extraction and its purification are the critical steps in a PCR experiment. The efficiency and sensitivity of a genetic test are, in fact, deeply conditioned by the purity and the extractive yield and these, in turn, are linked to the type of food matrix considered.
  • VETERINARY DIAGNOSTICS - Generon offers solution to monitor the main diseases of livestock such as BVDV, Paratuberculosis, Classical swine fever and, at the same time, to provide reagents for immunofluorescence and mono and polyclonal to veterinary laboratories and clinics.
  • FOOD/WATER VIROLOGY - Generon Offers ISO15216 Compliant detection Kits
  • GMO DETECTION - Generon offers methods either based on DNA detection using nucleic acids amplification techniques, and on protein detection using ELISA or Lateral Flow Devices.
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