LC Supplies

Gulf Bio Analytical provide big ranges of LC Supplies to our customer . The small parts of your workflow make a big difference in the quality  of your results. GBA offers Agilent InfinityLab supplies are a range of innovative consumables designed to optimize your liquid chromatography workflows. From maintaining your LC system, to controlling harmful solvent fumes, these innovative supplies solve your everyday laboratory problems. InfinityLab supplies enable you to work more efficiently, leaving you with more time and less frustration. Also if you feel need of good quality of product with justified pricing GBA have solution for the same.

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Highlight of the Product Offering

Autosampler Parts and Supplies

Bio-Inert Supplies

Capillaries and Fittings

Chip LC

Column Compartment (TCC) Supplies

Fraction Collectors

Lamps and Detector Parts

LC-MS Supplies

LC Instrument Module Rack

Maintenance Kits and Tools

Pump Parts

Solvent and In-Line Filters

Standards and Reagents