OpenLab ECM XT

OpenLab ECM XT is a cost-effective system for long-term archiving analytical data and electronic capture of reports and other files. Several simple-to-implement approaches can be used to secure data, either manually or automatically, to meet retention policies. The software has similar capabilities to capture and secure reports and other electronic records.

OpenLab ECM XT
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Meet regulatory requirements, protect your intellectual property, and prevent fraud

  • Secure, track revisions and attribute revision updates to any file and to data from almost any analytical data system
  • Automate the capture and indexing of reports or other documents into a secure location where changes are tracked and attributed to the responsible user
  • Secure, track, and attribute changes to data from OpenLab CDS, OpenLab ChemStation Edition, and Agilent ICP-MS MassHunter software

Reduce the time and cost of managing and retrieving information

  • Find what you need fast with easy-to-use search capabilities
  • View data from OpenLab CDS and OpenLab ChemStation Edition remotely from any connected PC

Manage your information using English, Chinese, Japanese, or Brazilian Portuguese versions of the interface

  • Enjoy full support for Chinese, Japanese, and other multibyte characters in file and folder names

Minimize the cost and time of implementation with a no-client application that has a smaller footprint than similar software