Increase your Lab productivity with Our Expert

 1st - 31th March, 2024  Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar

Winning together as we bring new technologies to customers doorstep, improving lab productivity. We will have experts on “Agilent, LabTech, SPEX, Daihan Scientific, Veolia and Metrohm” attending the series of events. Contact us if you wish to have such an event on your premises or in the vicinity.

Turn Rocks into Money: How XRF enables profitable Mineral and Metal Mining

 12th March 2024  9:00 - 10:00 AM CET  Online - RingCentral
  • Introduction to XRF
  • XRF Applications: From Exploration to Concentrates
  • Lab Session 1: EDXRF Solutions for Mining
  • Metal Mining: From Base to Precious to Rare
  • Lab Session 2: Grade Control with WDXRF
  • Q&A Session with our Experts


KRUSS - Density Meter

26 February, 2024

Elevate Precision Measurement and Analysis with KRUSS: Unleash the potential of your laboratory and production processes through cutting-edge optical-electronic measuring instruments by A.Krüss Optronic. Explore into our diverse portfolio of innovative products meticulously designed to effortlessly address the evolving demands of quality assurance. Transform your daily workflow with our intuitive and trendsetting measuring and analysis technology.

Remove the Pigments Without Losing the Pesticides

22 February, 2024

Agilent Carbon S sample preparation products demonstrate superior results compared to GCB. They offer excellent removal of pigments and improved recoveries especially for planar pesticides with a simplified workflow.

Get your lab up to speed for PFAS analysis

21 February, 2024

From understanding PFAS analysis and regulations, to choosing the right instruments and consumables and optimizing analytical methods, getting your lab ready for PFAS analysis can seem like a long, steep climb to the mountaintop. To accelerate startup time and give you a competitive advantage, Agilent eMethods do most of the work for you.

Bruker's microESR Monomer Control System

20 February, 2024

Maximize the efficiency and safety of your styrene monomer production with Bruker's innovative microESR Monomer Control System. Styrene, a crucial component with a global production volume exceeding 15 million metric tons annually, faces challenges such as undesirable polymerization. 

Measurement of Total Mercury in Whole Blood

19 February, 2024

Mercury in blood, mostly organic mercury, usually relates directly to our diet. It can also be from a recent exposure to a high level of elemental mercury vapor. Long-term exposure to high levels of methylmercury causes effects primarily on the human nervous system.

AM-6F: Fully Automated & Continuous Mercury Monitor

16 February, 2024

AM-6F is a Fully Automated, Continuous Mercury Monitor designed to measure gaseous elemental mercury (GEM) from ambient air accurately down to the sub nano-gram per cubic-meter level. The technique used is Direct Gold Amalgamation Sampling – CVAFS (Fluorescence technology) Detection.

Analysis of PFAS from Aqueous samples Using Automated LCTech XANA

15 January, 2024

Experience unmatched efficiency in PFAS analysis with the FREESTYLE XANA PFAS TableTop and EluCLEAN PFAS SPE cartridges. Fully automated, reliable, and cost-effective, this dynamic duo revolutionizes aqueous sample clean-up for precise results in record time.

Polymer Process Optimization with TDNMR

12 February, 2024

Delve into Polymer Process Optimization with TDNMR technology. Our solutions cater to all stages, from development to quality control. Leveraging magnetic resonance, we offer insights into polymer structures globally. Method harmonization across labs is seamless, reducing time-to-market for innovations. Stay ahead in Polymer Industries with our cutting-edge TDNMR solutions.

Revolutionize Polypropylene Quality Control with TD-NMR XS Analysis

14 February, 2024

Elevate your polymer quality control standards with Bruker's innovative TD-NMR Xylene Solubles (XS) application for Polypropylene. Experience real-time process monitoring without the need for harmful solvents. Benefit from on-the-line control, streamlined sample preparation, and rapid results in just 25 minutes. Ensure daily instrument validation with ease, empowering your operations with efficiency and precision.

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    Offers on the Purchase of PM Kits

    Buy PM Kit for LC/LCMS , GC/GCMS , AAS or ICPMS and get of consumables worth AED 1,000 or more from GBA.*

    * Order Value should be minimum AED 10,000 or Equivalent


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