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Increase your GC operating time without missing a peak!

The increasing need for high-sensitivity analyses of harmful substances is placing new challenges on GC methods of tailing peaks, loss of compounds, low limit of detection, reproducibility, signal noise, carry over effect.

Agilent’s Inert Flow Path solutions let you address these challenges head-on. So, you can get the right answers the first time itself.

Agilent Ultra Inert Flow Path
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Buy any ultra-inert range of products and get syringes/vials worth more than 1,000 AED*

Benefits of Agilent Inert Flow Path

Sharper PeaksMore SensitivityBetter Resolution
Staying Calibrated LongerSaves TimeLess Compounds
Absorbed by the System
Less Maintenance and
Less re-runs
Higher Quality Data
Easier Analysis
Saves Time and
Improves Throughput

*Order value should be greater than 10,000 AED or equivalent