Agilent J&W High efficiency GC Capillary Columns

This leading-edge column technology is ideal for applications that require faster run times, such as high-throughput screening, fast process monitoring, and fast method development. In fact, Agilent High Efficiency GC columns can reduce your sample run time by 50% or more without compromising resolution.Unlike other manufacturers' 0.1 mm id columns, Agilent's 0.15 and 0.18 mm id High Efficiency Capillary GC columns are compatible with all standard pressure capillary GC and GC/MS instruments – without expensive high-pressure modifications.      

Agilent J&W High efficiency GC Capillary Columns
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  • The flexibility to choose between helium and hydrogen carrier gases. You can stay with a helium carrier if you wish to simplify method development, or switch to a hydrogen carrier to further reduce your analysis time.
  • The ability to separate samples using less carrier gas, which can lead to longer intervals between cylinder changes, increased uptime, and a lower cost per sample .
  • Increase sample throughput and productivity while maintaining resolution.
  • Reduce carrier gas usage and cost per analysis.
  • Apply with existing GC and GC/MS instrument
  • Operates with He or H2 carrier gas.
  • Available in more than 20 stationary phases
  • Rapid and easy method translation
  • Each Agilent J&W GC column is tested with the tightest industry QC specifications for column bleed, sensitivity, and efficiency to provide you utmost confidence in qualitative and quantitative results