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Agilent offers complete ranges of columns for reseach and quality controll, based on application you can chooice any columns from below.

zorbax columns
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PLRP-S Analytical HPLC Columns from Agilent. PLRP-S family of LC columns are suitable for micro separations, including both bottom-up and top-down proteomics, analytical separations, and preparative purifications.


Hi-Plex HPLC Columns from Agilent. Agilent's Hi-Plex HPLC column provides reliable carbohydrate analysis with simple instrument requirements. Unlike Ion Chromatography columns, Hi-Plex columns use pure water or dilute acid on a standard HPLC, and do not require ion regeneration or suppressors. The media consists of robust a sulfonated polystyrene gel impregnated with various metal cations with different selectivities, as described in USP L17, L19, L34, and L58.

Chiral Column
Poroshell Chiral Column

Agilent InfinityLab Poroshell 120 Chiral columns offer chiral stationary phases on rugged, dependable, superficially porous Poroshell 120 particles. Take advantage of the performance and speed benefits of superficially porous particles to increase your productivity with fast, efficient, high resolution chiral separations. Available in four different chiral chemistries across four different LC modes these columns offer a wide range of selectivities to separate enantiomers of nearly any chiral compound.

Capillary Column
Capillary/Microbore HPLC Columns from Agilent

Agilent ZORBAX capillary (0.5 mm, 0.3 mm id) and nano (0.1 mm, 0.075 mm id) columns are now available in a wide variety of phases, pore sizes (80Å and 300Å), and dimensions for a range of applications including 2D-LC for proteomics. High sensitivity can be provided with exceptional reproducibility using Agilent capillary columns, nano columns, and low dispersion HPLC instruments. Reproducibility is a critical issue when working with small sample sizes - let capillary columns and nano columns help you achieve it.

Preparative LC Columns
Agilent  SemiPrep/Preparative LC Columns

Agilent Prep LC Columns are designed for high loadability to purify milligram to gram quantities of products. Column dimensions are available for most preparative sample types ranging from high throughput samples generated in drug discovery to lab scale prep and up to some pilot scale sample preparation.
Preparative sized columns are available in 21.2, 30 and 50 mm internal diameters with lengths ranging from 50–250 mm. Columns are available in 5 and 10 µm particle sizes with very high efficiency in every dimension. They may available in across the families of 

Method Development Kits
HPLC Column Method Development Kits from Agilent

Method development is some of the most important work you do. Now, it’s easier than ever to evaluate the best chemistries for your separation with Agilent Method Development Kits. These kits include a range of column chemistries and selectivities, giving you the tools you need to save time and perfect your separation. Agilent’s columns are manufactured to the industry’s tightest quality control specifications for reliable, reproducible performance. We also offer the industry’s widest range of Fast LC columns to help you get high resolution and speedy analysis times.

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