OpenLab CDS 2.x

After effect of Windows 10 Releases many of the software having the limitation to use the same version of software in latest released Windows. To come out from this situation Agilent is giving the offer to their loyal customers to upgrade the existing Chromatography software to OpenLab CDS 2.x.

Built-in tools provide time-saving steps in the analysis, interpretation, and reporting workflows while technical controls ensure work quality, effective records management, and enhanced data security.

Agilent Software upgrade
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Promotional Offer

Upgrade your Agilent GC/LC Chemstation, OpenLab Chemstation, OpenLab Ezchrom at a highly discounted price*

Are you eligible for Software Upgarde?

If you are currently using GC/LC Chemstation, OpenLab Chemstation, OpenLab Ezchrom, You are eligible for Software upgrade to New age technology: OpenLab CDS 2.x Workstation / OpenLab CDS 2.x Workstation Plus.

OpenLab CDS 2.x Software is the newer Chromatography Software from Agilent. It will be user friendly, Easy learning, Easy migration from the existing software. This having the unified interface for GC, LC, GCMS, LCMS. This having built-in calculation for NGA/RGA/LPG. It can support for extended calculation software like SIMDIS, DHA.

Software Benefits

Better PerformanceEasy Configuration
Simple MigrationRetain the Existing Software Data
Wide range of Instrument Compatibility & ReliabilityPeak Explorer
Multi technic compatibilityCustom calculation
Easy reportingEasy LIMS Integration
Built in Learning Tools and More…

*Offer Valid till 30th June, 2021

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