Give Your Samples the Protection They Deserve

Simple ways to boost lab productivity and return on investment. 

Small details, big productivity gains!

Agilent sample containment solutions offer you simple ways to boost lab productivity and return on investment. Switching to A-Line vials could save you up to 25% in operating costs. Using Agilent's short-thread screw caps deliver 30% time savings.

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Agilent understands that vials are a critical part of your analytical workflow - no less important than the column or the instrument. That is why Agilent vials are designed to meet the high standards you have come to expect from every Agilent product - including:

  • Guaranteed consistent performance from lot-to-lot
  • Unsurpassed rigor in quality control and manufacturing
  • Better value for your money
  • Easy selection based on volume, sample type, and instrument

*The minimum order value should be 5000 AED or equivalent