Captiva Filter Vials

Did you know… using the right filter can improve speed, resolution, and column life?

Particulates can cause high back-pressure, retention-time shift, resolution loss, and shorter column life. Agilent Captiva syringe filters and filter vials remove particulates and are ideal for simple mechanical filtration. Agilent Captiva filter vials replace the combination of syringe filters, syringes, auto-sampler vials, septa, and caps with a single unit for a faster and more convenient workflow.

Captiva Filter Vials
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Promotional Offer

Buy Filter vials worth AED 5000 or Equivalent and get any Agilent consumable worth AED 500 or equivalent of your choice.*

Agilent offers you syringe-less filters

  • Syringeless filters provide fast, economical sample filtration before HPLC analysis
  • Replaces the need for syringes, syringe filters and a separate vial and cap
  • Environmentally friendly design means less glass and plastic are discarded during sample filtration process
  • Benefits Include:
    • Greater convenience: Filtration takes place inside the vial, reducing steps and tools
    • Cleaner Samples: Fewer touch-points in your sample journey mean fewer chances of contamination
    • Higher-quality data: Even small amounts of particulates can clog your column inlet, causing high back-pressure, retention-time shift, and resolution loss.

*Offer valid till 31st July 2021

syringe-less filters