Fluorescence cell counter with the best eye for detail

The CytoSMART Exact FL is an automated, dual fluorescence cell counter with an expanded field of view and unmatched resolution and magnification power. Using an advanced CMOS-based optical system and an image analysis software powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the CytoSMART Exact FL calculates the exact number of cells in a sample and provides reliable assessment of key cellular parameters, including cell viability and transfection efficiency. The increased magnification and high resolution offer an unprecedented level of detail, allowing to distinguish between whole cells and cell debris and count even the smallest of mammalian cells (CAR-T cells, stem cells, PBMCs or splenocytes).

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CytoSMART Exact FL - How to count fluorescent cells


State-of-the-art optics: Count even the smallest of mammalian cells

Dual fluorescence cell counting: Expand the possibilities of automated cell counting

High-performance AI algorithms: Minimize user-dependent variation

Automated software updates & secure cloud data storage

All CytoSMART devices are connected to the CytoSMART cloud environment. This means that the data generated by the Exact FL fluorescence cell counter is processed, analysed and stored in one accessible and secure place, protected by a multi-layered cyber security system. Novel software updates are also introduced via the CytoSMART Cloud. With only a few clicks our customers can download and install these add-ons to make their user experience even more seamless. Importantly, the added features will not affect consistency and reproducibility of acquired results.

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