Live-cell imaging for high-throughput experiments

Being able to monitor cell cultures over time provides a great insight into their physiology and function. Live-cell imaging microscopes open up novel and exciting avenues to study cellular health, viability, colony formation, migration, and cellular responses to external stimuli.

To help life science researchers improve their understanding of cellular processes, CytoSMART Technologies has developed an automated brightfield microscope that can visualize an entire surface of a cell culture vessel and operate from inside a standard CO2-incubator, biological safety cabinet, or on a benchtop. Not limited to a specific type or quantity of culture vessels, the CytoSMART Omni captures cellular behavior by creating high-quality time-lapse videos for days or even weeks at a time.

CytoSMART Omni Full plate live-cell imager
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Live Cell Imaging: Introducing the CytoSMART Omni


  • NEW - Automated whole-well imaging with higher spatial resolution
  • Complete overview of sample confluency- Achieved by automated full plate scanning and image stitching
  • Continuous imaging provides real-time insight into cellular processes- Perform kinetic assays over the course of days or even weeks
  • Compatibility with any transparent culture vessel- Imaging of full plates, flasks, dishes and microfluidic devices
  • Efficient screening of culture multiwell plates The CytoSMART Omni can scan up to 6 vessels per hour
  • Perform analysis at desired culturing environment The CytoSMART Omni is designed for your incubator
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