GCI Jubail Project

Global Company for Chemical Industries (GCI) is a Saudi Arabian Company focusing most of its activities in the Petrochemical Downstream Businesses. The Company was established in 2015 and developed by Global Company for Downstream Industries (GDI) to be part of ADDAR group. It’s objectives is to be specialized in the fine chemical industries utilizing abundant and competitively priced feed stocks and converting it into high value added products through the development of profitable, eco-friendly products. Utilizing local raw materials and serving the large and growing local market in the KSA, GCI’s operations raise the local industries’ efficiencies while enabling local customers with unique customer service.

We have been awarded by GCI, to develop, supply and commissioning of entire Furniture, Gas Distribution System and Key Analyzers for its Jubail laboratory.

Laboratory was successfully installed and commissioned and after dedicated application training was provided by us it is now ready for operation.

Project Description

  • Project Name: GCI Jubail Project
  • Location: KSA
  • Client: Global Company for Chemical Industries (GCI)
  • Year: 2019/20
GCI Jubail Project