Hassle-Free and Smooth Transportation of your Lab Equipment

Laboratory relocations can be exceptionally challenging as there are lot of frangible things which are expensive and should be taken care by professionals only. That's where we need a Lab Relocation Service.

At GBA, we provide you with a sensible, turnkey solutions that delivers well-organized lab movement administrations in all the major cities in the World.

All your equipment’s will receive the care and consideration you deserve. Some of the product categories where we have demonstrated undisputed proficiency are analytical instruments including balances, titrators, glassware, refrigerators, freezers, samples standards, reagents, lab furniture’s and much more.

GBA Lab Relocation Service
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Proven Step-By-Step Methodology

Instrument inventory

Regular strategy meetings

Layout consultation for your new site

Labeling/tagging equipment’s

Safety handling all chemicals


Managing transportation


Performance verification

Instrument requalification and compliance testing

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GBA Lab Relocation Services