LabTech Evaporation Solution

A complete set of solution from Labtech makes it very competitive in pricing and affordable for the customers. Labtech is one the only few organizations in the world who create their own solutions. They created not only rotatory evaporators but also vacuum pump and chiller. For multiple samples they have multivap.

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Promotional Offers

  • Buy a complete set of Automated Rotary Evaporator (Pump, Chiller and Rotary Evaporator) and get a Hotplate FREE OF COST!
  • Buy a Rotary evaporator and get a Evaporating or receiving flask FREE OF COST!
  • Buy a multivapor and get an extra set of sample tube FREE OF COST!
  • Buy a combo Rotavapor and Multi vapor and get a Chiller FREE OF COST!
LabTech Evaporation Solution

Key Features

  • Programmable operations
  • Anticorrosion sealing system
  • Integrated vacuum control
  • Maximum safety operations
  • Excellent price/performance ratio