New Method in MOSH/MOAH Analysis

Choose between manual processing or fully automated operation from sample to purified and evaporated concentrate on the FREESTYLE SPE-EVA robotic platform.

LCTech offers dedicated high-quality glass columns with suitable materials to implement the new method in your laboratory.

As a supplement to the existing method EN 16995:2017, the German Society for Fat Science (DGF e.V.) published a supplementary method DGF-C-VI 22 (20) for MOSH/MOAH analysis in December 2020.

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Automation with the FREESTYLE MOSH/MOAH configuration

  • manual method can be easily adapted to FREESTYLE SPE-EVA
  • completely automatable
  • maximum rack configuration with up to 54 glass columns for SPE-clean-up using FREESTYLE SPE-module
  • unattended throughput of 32 samples in 24 hours with the MOSH/MOAH method
  • Online EVAporation to a defined final volume followed by filling into closed autosampler vials keeps the samples fresh for the next processing steps

Better than the norm requires (DIN EN 16995:2017 protocol)

Chromatogram MOSH

Chromatogram MOAH

For the official method using on-line LC/GC (FID) analysis, the LOQs for fat-containing matrices did not give reliable data for ≤ 10 mg/kg total sum of MOSH/MOAH.

In order to be able to measure reliably also in the range up to 1mg/kg, in this new method the sample purification was supplemented by a 3 g SPE silica purification step with subsequent evaporation. Interfering compounds should be eliminated (before the epoxidation step specified in the still valid EN 16995:2017). In the end, cleaner chromatograms are obtained due to the resulting reduced need for m-CPBA.

LCTech supports the users with this new step

  • ready-to-use silica gel, activated at 400 °C, in aluminium bottle, with batch certificate
  • suitable glass columns
  • binder-free glass fibre filters to avoid blank values

... and the possibility to fully automate this step with the FREESTYLE SPE-EVA.

It's not just material - with ready-to-use, high quality sorbents and a strong focus on smart and pragmatic handling, this is an LCTech solution that delivers fast, safe and excellent results.


Dedicated Glass Columns for MOSH/MOAH Analysis

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