The revolution in Gas Generators is going-on!

LNI supply premium gas generators for specific analytical, laser, industrial and environmental needs: Hydrogen, Zero Air, Nitrogen and combined gas generators. They offer continuous and on-demand source of Hydrogen, Zero Air or Nitrogen to the application.

LNI provides H2 sensors for GC oven, a security system that constantly measures the hydrogen level in the GC’s oven and stops the hydrogen generation if an amount above the safety threshold is detected.

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The main advantages of gas generators over using cylinders are safety and convenience. Generators provide a constant supply of gas for lab applications without risking the safety for lab users. The set-up of gas generators is very straight forward and maintenance is required every 6-12 months depending on the system. The gas is generated on demand and not stored in the generator. This will eliminate the risk of danger in your lab and is much safer to use hydrogen in the lab. Starting from 120cc to we have generator ranges to 1500cc . Which will cover your whole range of H2 gas generator requirements. Single generator can be connected to multiple systems

The on-board CPU automatically check for internal leaks and constantly control the operating parameters to guarantee full safety. Up to 20 units can be connected in parallel using an external control box.

New long life multilayer PEM cellHigh flow rate up to 1500 cc/min
High pressure up to 16 bar (232 psi)RS 232/485 and USB standard
Lan OptionalAuto refill standards
High Purity: 99.99999%Dryer with no maintenance
Safety routine and self-monitoringReduced footprint
High pressure GLS electronically controlled (patented)

We from GBA will help you to convert your GC from helium to Hydrogen. Also, we can provide you Hydrogen sensor for your safety.

Additionally, we also have nitrogen and zero air gas generators:

Nitrogen Generators

Highly versatile, with PSA or membrane technology, these generators are suitable for several analytical applications, ranging from laboratory (gas chromatography, liquid mass spectrometry) to industries. Complete range of solutions: from 500 cc/min to 120 l/min. The Ultra High purity range produce laboratory high grade nitrogen for most of the laboratory applications and equipment’s.

Unmatched advantages with LNI N2 gas generators:

Compatible with all LCMSGenerates nitrogen on demand
Dual nitrogen and air generatorExclusive electronic flow control
Low noise - Ultra silent technology:
58 dB(A)
Reliable - No vibrations
Low maintenanceDesigned to run 24 hours a day

Zero air Generators

Zero air generators completely remove hydrocarbons, CO2, NOx and H2O from the air stream. This avoids the need to use inconvenient air cylinders, which are hazardous for laboratory operations.

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