Handheld Raman Spectrometer for Pharma Raw Material Identification and Verification

The NanoRam-1064 is fully compliant with all governing regulations, including 21 CFR Part 11 and Part 1040.10, and plays an integral role in cGMP-compliant facilities. The NanoRam-1064 meets the requirements of Raman spectroscopy methods including the US Pharmacopeia-1120, European Pharmacopeia 2.2.48, Japanese Pharmacopoeia 2.26, as well as the People’s Republic of China Pharmacopeia Guidelines on Raman Spectroscopy. Raman is a well-recognized technology for compliance with the PIC/S & GMP guidelines regarding 100% identity assurance for starting materials. B&W Tek offers a wide variety of services, including method and/or new library development support as well as IQ/OQ/PQ implementation services.

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Key Features

  • Non-destructive material identification and verification
  • No sample preparation required
  • Analysis through glass or plastic
  • Fast, straightforward procedures
  • Highly sensitive spectrometers with repeatable results
  • Intuitive software with easy touchscreen operation
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Data Quality & Reproducibility

  • Robust hardware provides high quality data with low noise, providing consistent and reliable results with fast measurement times. Even samples that have high fluorescence signal with most Raman systems can be identified with the NanoRam-1064 with its 1064nm laser excitation.
  • User-definable methods and libraries to meet particular analysis needs
  • TE cooling allows for greater stability of the instrument in environments where temperatures are highly variable. Secure data transfer and database to ensure data integrity

Easy Operation for Non-Technical Users

  • Touch screen interface with simple 1-touch workflow
  • Easy single-handed operation
  • Batch mode for quick testing of multiple containers
  • Interface available in multiple languages Barcode scanner for quick method selection and product information entry
  • LIMS compatible
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