NWC Central Lab- Makkah Al-Mukarmah Project

NWC specializes in providing the highest quality drinking water, ensuring the presence of water and wastewater connections in all households, preserving natural water resources and the environment, using the Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) with maximum efficiency, and training qualified Saudi employees in accordance with the latest international standards.

For its new Central Lab- Makkah Al-Mukarmah, we have been awarded by Mowah Company for the design, supply and commissioning of entire Furniture, Fume Hoods, Exhaust and related utilities for all laboratory areas. Designated laboratory areas were designed to accommodate sibling applications: Inorganic Analysis, Organic Analysis Lab, Culture Media Preparation Lab, ICP/AES Room, Waste Water Area.

Laboratory was successfully installed and commissioned and is now ready for operation.

Project Description

Project Name: NWC Central Lab- Makkah Al-Mukarmah Project
Location: KSA
Client: Mowah Company
Year: 2020/21

NWC Central Lab- Makkah Al-Mukarmah Project