Agilent Polaris HPLC columns

Agilent's family of polar-optimized columns utilize ultra-high purity silica, novel polar modified technology, and unique bonded phases. Agilent Polaris HPLC columns offer many unique phase chemistries designed to retain both polar and nonpolar analytes, reliably and with excellent peak shape. The various Polaris phases are based on modified C8 and C18 bonded phases, each offering different selectivities. The combination of high phase density bonding, ultrapure silica, and silanol shielding provides outstanding chromatography with highly polar samples.

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Highlight of the Product Offering

Polaris C18-A

Polaris C18-A is the best starting place for separations where the benefits of polar-modified columns are desired. The polar modifications of C18-A help it avoid poor peak shape and retention issues in low organic conditions. Polaris C18-A columns offer alternate selectivity for general polar applications and are designed with hydrogen-bond accepting endcapping.  Available in 3 µm, 5 µm, and 10um.

Polaris C18-Ether

Polaris C18-Ether columns are endcapped with an ether group to create a more polar surface for selectivity variation. Available in 3 µm and 5 µm particle sizes.

Polaris C8-A

Polaris C8-A offers an alternative selectivity to standard C8 phases and has a lower hydrophobicity than Polaris C18-A, making it ideal for polar samples, or faster overall analysis times.

Polaris C8-Ether

Polaris C8-Ether offers an alternative selectivity to Polaris C8-A with particular utility for hydrogen bonding compounds.

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