Pursuit Analytical HPLC Columns from Agilent

The Pursuit family of HPLC columns offer strong performance in a variety of common phase chemistry. Columns are available in many dimensions, particle sizes, and pore sizes to fit various needs. Media is salable from analytical all the way up to preparative dimensions.

zorbax columns
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Highlight of the Product Offering

Pursuit XRs

Pursuit XRs columns feature a 100Å pore size and high surface area silica for good loadability of complex sample mixtures. They also have higher carbon loads than the Pursuit and ZORBAX families, should your method require it.

Pursuit XRs Ultra

Pursuit XRs Ultra columns are loaded using a special process that enables them to withstand higher backpressures than Pursuit XRs columns.

More choices, more value

Agilent offers columns for routine HPLC analyses that call for a traditional 5 µm particle size. Like our Pursuit column family, they accommodate a wide pH range, as well as all common mobile phases.
Agilent TC-C18(2) columns are an excellent choice when you need to analyze mixtures of polar and nonpolar compounds, including strong basic compounds.
Agilent HC-C18(2) columns are a high-value, highly retentive option with a carbon load of 17%. They also provide superior peak shape for basic compounds.

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