BenchSmart96 Speeds Your Workflow

High-throughput Pipetting Solution from Rainin for faster and better 96 & 384 Well Pipetting

BenchSmart 96 is a semi-automated 96/384-well pipetting system with three interchangeable pipetting heads, giving it a range of 0.5 μL to 1000 μL. The touchscreen display controls aspiration, dispense, tip loading and ejection. Pipetting modes include Basic, Advanced, Dilute, Multi-dispense, Reverse, Volume Sequencing, Mix and Cycle Count.

Rainin BenchSmart 96
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Maximum Flexibility

With three quick-change pipetting heads, BenchSmart 96 pipetting system is certain to become one of your most versatile and useful laboratory assistants. The 0.5-20 μL head provides excellent range at smaller volumes, the 20-200 μL head suits most day-to-day work and the 100-1000 μL head is perfect for sample preparation and cleanup.

BenchSmart 96

High Reliability

For complex protocols and precise liquid handling, nothing beats automation for accurate and consistent aspiration and dispensing. Add BenchSmart’s industry leading specifications and extraordinary ease-of-use, and you can expect higher reliability and repeatability for your experiments.

Greater Efficiency

BenchSmart’s wide range of application modes – from basic pipetting to advanced features like multi-dispense – make programming a snap. The large touchscreen and intuitive interface make it easy to design, execute and save any protocol, from simple onestep procedures to complex, multi-step experiments.

Greater Efficiency


BenchSmart 96 pipetting system is so intuitive, anyone in the lab can use it. The four-plate layout also simplifies workflows by reducing, if not eliminating, the need to swap out tips and reservoirs. For example: a two-solution protocol requires just four liquid handling steps with BenchSmart vs. nine steps on a two-tray system.

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This manual provides a complete overview of the operating instructions for the BenchSmart 96 Pipetting System.


BenchSmart96 Product Brochure