Introducing Sievers TOC-R3 Process Monitoring Solution

The analyser enables industrial facilities to rapidly detect leaks, protect equipment assets, control treatment, and meet discharge and compliance requirements. The instrument makes process monitoring simple even in complex environments due to its low-maintenance requirements, minimal use of consumables, and modular design.

In addition to traditional monitoring of Total Carbon (TC), Non-purgeable Organic Carbon (NPOC), Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC), and Total Organic Carbon (TOC), the Sievers TOC-R3 offers simple and inexpensive monitoring of Total Bound Nitrogen (TNb) and is unique in its ability to directly measure Purgeable/Volatile Organic Carbon (POC/VOC).

Veolia Sievers TOC-R3
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Key Product highlights

It offers simple method flexibility to meet each application need, automated dilution and rinsing capabilities to handle even harsh samples with minimal maintenance, complete combustion for confidence in data no matter how the sample matrix changes, and advanced data management and intuitive software for a straightforward user experience.

  • Catalyst-free, high temperature combustion delivers complete oxidation at 1,200°C
  • Minimal and simple maintenance due to modular design and status monitoring
  • Self-cleaning and automated rinsing capability to tackle harsh samples
  • Measures total carbon (TC), total inorganic carbon (TIC), total organic carbon (TOC), and non-purgeable organic carbon (NPOC).
  • Modes include: NPOC, TOC, TC, IC, TN and VOC
  • Offers unique volatile organic carbon (VOC) detection through a reliable and accurate photoionization detector (PID).
  • Provides additional total bound nitrogen (TNb ) detection using a simple, lightweight, and small electrochemical detector (ECD)
  • Broad analytical ranges: TOC: 0-50,000 ppm TN: 0-1,500 ppm
  • Protection class: IP54; also available in Ex-proof enclosures: ATEX, & IECEx Zones I & II, Class 1 DIV 2
  • Advanced data management with OPC UA, Modbus and 4-20 mA


Sievers* TOC-R3 Online TOC Analyzer

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