Specialty Columns

Agilent chemists have developed many columns with unique characteristics designed to solve the most difficult separation problems of a givenmethod. As a result we offer a comprehensive line of specialty or"select"columns for a variety of applications to enhance the standard phase portfolio.With columns for volatile,pesticides,petrochemicals and more–Agilent exceeds standard QA/QA procedures for the manufacturing and testing of all of our specialty column to ensure they meet the stringent demands for their application.These columns offer reliable, accurate results , with the shortest run times possible on complex sample lists and matrixes.

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Highlight of the Product Offering

Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Columns

Agilent offers a range of industry-proven WAX Intuvo GC columns: DB-WAX Ultra Inert, HP-INNOWax, DB-WAXetr, and DB-FFAP. Each phase is based on the polyethylene glycol (PEG) polymer; strict control of the crosslinking and deactivation processes results in various unique phase characteristics to meet your specific analytical needs.

DB-WAX Ultra Inert – optimized inertness is the new standard. General purpose WAX column, same selectivity compared to DB-WAX.
HP-INNOWax - Highest upper temperature limits of bonded PEG phases
DB-WAXetr – extended temperature range
DB-FFAP – Nitroterephthalic acid modified Optimized GC flow path with Agilent Ultra Inert Liners, low-bleed septa, certified vials, and gas clean filters For use with the Agilent Intuvo 9000 System

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