Yakos65 Safety Cabinets for your documents safety

The flammable safety cabinet is need of the hour, Yakos65 is providing best protection for people and property according to World class fire standard. Yakos65 manufacturers the widest range of Flammables Safety Cabinets for a variety of storage. Its SafetyStar series safety cabinets are ideal for use in industry, Hospital, Laboratories, Stores, Warehouse, and anywhere materials need to be stores safely and securely

  • Provides workers and environment optimum safety and quality assurance
  • Provides maximum human life and property protection
  • Prevents explosion, extension of a fire
 Yakos65 Safety Cabinets
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  • Non-sparking, 3 point linked latching device.
  • 5cm Liquid Containment Sump.
  • Dual vents with flame arrester.
  • Steel adjustable shelves with 120kg loading capacity.
  • Build-in earthing connector on outside side panel for easy earthing.
  • 180 degree open, Doors remain open without any accessory while the open angle is larger than 90 degree.
  • Built-in thermal-sensor closes the doors automatically once the cabinet is exposed at 74 degree celcius.
Yakos65 Safety Cabinets

Wide range of flammable safety cabinets

  • Gas Cylinder Cabinet.
  • Safety Cabinets for pesticides.
  • Safety Cabinets for Corrosives.
  • Safety Cabinets for flammable liquid.
  • Safety Cabinets for combustible liquid Safety.
  • Cabinets for class 6 toxic Substances.
  • Safety Cabinets for Chemicals.
Yakos65 Safety Cabinets
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