Empowering the GBA Community

27 July, 2021

Beyond Products & Services: Empowering the GBA Community With Knowledge

Back in 1999, Gulf Bio Analytical was launched with one goal in mind–to become a leading provider of laboratory solutions worldwide. Today, with our headquarters in Dubai, and several regional offices across the globe, we can say we have become a leader in analytical solutions. There’s no denying the fact that we’ve always strived to provide high-quality products, exceptional services, and dedicated support to all our customers, somewhere deep down we always have known that there’s scope to do more.

At Gulf Bio Analytical, we don’t hesitate to do better. We are always busy adapting the latest technology, getting the best-in-class products, upgrading to better services. To top that, we are always there for our customers, through our remote support, Live Chat, Toll Free Numbers and through innumerable teams dedicate to serve the GBA community better. However, apart from ad-hoc support, we now want to help our community by empowering them with the information they need to make the right choice, to help them understand the world of analytical solutions better.

As a result, we’ve launched the GBA Knowledge Hub, where we deep dive into the nitty-gritty of different products and services related to laboratory solutions that can serve as great resources for your GBA community. Before you dismiss this write-up as something we’re trying to blow our own trumpet, hear us out. Inspired by the adage by Seth Godin, “Don’t find customers for your products. Find products for your customers”, we’re are looking for your help to create the GBA Knowledge Hub.

Let’s start with introducing you to our knowledge hub.

The GBA Knowledge Hub

At GBA, we value skills and expertise beyond measure. From our support staff to on-field engineers, everyone has the training and knowledge in the industry to assist the GBA community in the best way possible. Taking their knowledge a step further, we’re now documenting their pearls of wisdom. We’ve got our in-house experts and those from across the industry to share their expertise with us and simplify laboratory technologies for the GBA Community.

The Writing Panel

We’ve partnered our experts with a panel of the best writers who can break down technical content, and make it easy to understand for our readers. They’ll dismantle all complexities, decode all jargon and make information related to laboratory solutions and services digestible for our community. Not just that, as dexterous writers, they also follow best writing and SEO practices to make the content fresh, readable, and accessible to the GBA customer base. In fact, our writing panel has also prepared resources to help our technical experts understand the writing process better like this Ultimate SEO Guide.

Combining the technical knowledge with writing skills would sure allow us to create resources that are helpful for anyone and everyone looking to understand analytical solutions better. However, there’s a missing piece and we need our community’s aid in getting that right.

The Missing Piece–Community Viewpoint

Coming back to where we started this–giving our customers the products they need–this is where your role comes into the picture. Even with the know-how and the writing capabilities, what we cannot get is a peek into our community to understand the content they’d like to read and talk about. So, we need your help.

Your contribution is what can make our knowledge hub actually worth its while. Here’s how you can contribute.

The Triple-S Way


First and foremost, to create any knowledge hub, we need an exhaustive list of topics to write about. While we are working to prepare one for ourselves, we don’t want to miss out on something you wish to learn more about.

  • Is there an analytical service that you want to avail and would like to know more about its inclusions?
  • Is there a laboratory product that you’re curious to understand the functioning and use of?
  • Is there any latest laboratory technology that you want to understand better?
  • Is there anything you want to learn more about GBA and its offerings?

No matter what you wish to read about, we’d be more than happy to include it in our knowledge hub. Simply write to us at GBA-Acdemy@gulfbioanalytical.com with the subject line Knowledge Hub Topic and we’ll take it head from there


Experiences are the greatest source of information and we’d love to hear about your experiences. We don’t want to limit our knowledge hub to our writers and technical experts but also want to include your experiences and learnings in it.a

  • Is there a technology you read about and think would be relevant to the GBA community?
  • Is there a laboratory service you experienced and want to share your case study?
  • Is there a product that you tried out and want to write a review?

We are all years. You have a chance to showcase your knowledge on the GBA website with all the due credit. Just send in your write-up at GBA-Academy@gulfbioanalytical.com with the subject line Knowledge Hub Writeup and we’ll take it head from there.


Last but certainly not least, we want to reach as many people and let our resources be of use to as many businesses and industries as possible. So, whenever you come across a write-up or any piece of information on our knowledge hub that you think is worth a read, don’t forget to share it with your community and teams.

Not just that, feel free to share our writeups on social media and share your honest reviews with your network. It will definitely help us improve and deliver better.

What’s Next?

We’re burning the midnight oil trying to create the resources, and content pieces that can help our customers to the best of our capabilities. All we need is a little support from your end to make the GBA Knowledge Hub a success.

Let’s build the first authentic, fresh and useful knowledge hub for laboratory technologies together.

P.S.: Don’t forget to write to us about what you think about our knowledge hub initiative at GBA-Academy@gulfbioanalytical.com.